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Accident, for example, in recent years, many state-owned bank repeatedly, repeatedly broke out in major cases, but did not see any major state-owned Banks out of these cases the experimenter to assume responsibility. Can see how the state-owned bank exists for themselves, for their unit staff how to increase wages, welfare, but didn't see which one is the state-owned Banks out the experimenter costly countries for its development of responsibility. The Inner Mongolia electric power group loans problem, problem have no investigation clearly, is constantly talking about how their own bank was made without responsibility, how is the loan in accordance with legal procedures. Also, the domestic real estate market prices soared quickly, domestic overheating over the past few years no paint with ease, in which domestic Banks to boost the role. As early as a few years, for example, some people use of financial leverage real estate speculation is domestic Banks indulgence as a result, Replica Ferragamo Belt otherwise what will be a people to buy 128 sets, 78 million loan from the bank? But, after the incident investigation is total and didn't see the handling of the affair. And, recently, the central bank to raise interest rates, is originally want to raise interest rates to curb overheated domestic real estate, also don't want to individual housing credit without a big impact on the individual housing credit to the policy of the preferential interest rates, but from the commercial Banks have recently introduced about the provisions of the personal housing credit, not only to stand in the Angle of the whole interests to curb excessive speculation, the real estate market at home and abroad, but some obvious is offset by the central bank tightening of policy and in providing domestic real estate market speculation with all sorts of convenient financial leverage. Again from the construction bank plans to employees of a 30% wage increase, if the construction bank as a fully modern commercial bank, Replica Ferragamo Belt- its performance is good, increase the staff's wages, improve the welfare of the staff take it for granted. But the bank has just obtained the enormous capital injection, just under the aegis of a government policy improvement, think of how not to return to the society, but how to sit here to share the results. In conclusion, although in recent years the domestic bank reform has made big progress, but the progress is acquired under the aegis of a government policy, its internal mechanism and are not fundamental change, and this mechanism is not the essence of the fundamental existing banking system is rather than just let a person how to expand the rights to take responsibility, rather than true balance between responsibility and rights. Especially the domestic bank senior only as much more less share power and responsibility. According to media reports, the ministry of construction, an official said, to the future to build low-rent housing, economy applicable room and price commercial housing rental type of ShiWuXing housing guarantee system, and the type of lease economy applicable room will be the direction of future development.