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For this series of events, I wonder if it is personal or otherwise other reasons, as long as the media revealed that will cause the market strong reflection. Such as Inner Mongolia electric power group of bank loans, some Banks executive pay leap sky-high, CCB to workers a 30% wage increase, and so on. Why these events reflect recent market for the banking industry is so strong, it may be associated with importance of domestic banking industry in the national economy, may also with banking reforms in facing difficulties and problems in the process of transition. More importantly, in the process of the reform of state-owned Banks, focuses on the reform of state-owned Banks to the legal system and market rules other; The physical throughout; System and the introduction of learning, to be set up to support the other; The physical throughout; System of culture, Replica Versace Belt such as moral, other; Intangible throughout; System, so as to make the effective market system and bank corporate governance mechanism cannot be established. In particular, this other; The physical throughout; System of learning and the introduction of only is dominated by a few so-called elite, monopoly, Hermes Belt's financial reform or the reform in the bank is likely to be the benefit of minority interests, tool. In recent years, as it were, financial reform, the reform of stock market and banking reform, basically is dominated by a powerful financial bureaucrat group. The financial bureaucrats' or in front of the reform in the reform already formed a strong community of interests. In this powerful financial bureaucrats' community, both the complex chain of personnel, also formed a network of interconnected by a network basically mastered almost all of the power resources in the financial sector. Therefore, in such a network pattern or interests, both the reform of the domestic banking sector and the domestic securities market reform, will maximize the interest of the existing relationships. Without prejudice to the interest relations, on the basis of how to the expansion of financial resources and financial power, and how to through rules formulated to the expansion of the institutionalization of financial resources and financial power, thus forming a new wave of vested interests relations or interest groups. As a result of this financial bureaucrats' mainstream consciousness is still a meritocracy and bureaucratic thinking, so they are better at political skills, without knowledge of the market thinking and to use modern management technology (or have the professional knowledge is simply not cast). This inevitably makes Hermes Belt's financial reform on the external system comprehensive transplant foreign market rules, however, the joining together of big business in the operation, both official and business. From the external form, the form of modern commercial Banks, should be can do, such as the shareholders assembly, the board of directors, board of supervisors, risk management rules, but operationally, the shareholder representative of state-owned Banks, directors, senior staff and regulators is the unity of all power. The unity of power not only make the top managers of state-owned Banks state-owned Banks dominate in the organization, and became absolute power without constraint, which is melted in the core of corporate governance power incentive and constraint mechanism of checks and balances, the corporate governance mechanism of the modern commercial Banks also cannot be established. What we see is that the current financial reform or the bank of a lot of places, first torture not reform after what responsibility, who will bear the responsibility, and how to bear, but how to share for the power of the state-owned Banks, how to use or encroach on the rights of others (this occupation can also through the way in a legal form of institutionalization, how to use or occupy the public space right. In this case, the managers and the obligation of the rights of others, Replica Versace Belt- managers and are free to declare, responsibility need not assume or implement. See our banking management over the years, you can easily get high officials give, can with the developed market system on wages of bank management wage level, but has nothing to do with their responsibility.
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