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and housing tax policy to achieve the goal of the government's housing policy. But, for Replica Hermes Belt's real estate market, not only the real estate market development model is problematic, unreasonable credit policy, and there is no good real estate taxation policy to adjust the market behavior of the real estate market, adjust the Hermes Belt residents of housing welfare level. Now on real estate tax, for example, pay more attention to real estate transfer, real estate tax and the link, link and not pay attention to keep part of real estate tax. Thus, in the government's recessive guarantee for prices, house prices only rise not fall, for real estate transfer link, link and income tax, property tax will not be able to not only rise to adjust the distribution of personal incomes of the housing market's problems, and vice grain through the tax effect, serious increase of housing since the purchase cost of living, reduce the housing buyers of housing welfare level. Therefore, how to through effective real estate tax policy to protect the interests of the overwhelming majority of people, to adjust the price of the real estate market soared quickly, is we must study the problem. House prices rising too fast, real estate investment overheating, has always been a hot topic of people over the years. In order to curb housing prices rising too fast, have National People's Congress representative to submit proposals for several years, hope that through Replica Hermes Belt's real estate tax, to curb excessively rising property prices, and since 2005, the state council development research center, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts also completed the studies of Replica Hermes Belt's real estate tax policy report. But, a few years later, although more and more problems in the real estate market, more and more complex, and requires the fixed tax society calls for blowing bigger and bigger, but the real estate property tax levy system is unable to appear? Here we have a few questions to clarify. Generally speaking, the real estate tax is also called real estate property tax, it is a kind of selective property tax. It, like other property tax, is a national tax structure of the three pillars (and the consumption tax, income tax). Real estate tax is imposed, can correct some shortcomings of the existing income tax, plug up loopholes in tax evasion; Play quantity can taxation principle, promote the fair distribution of social income; Provide government rich and stable financial income; Raise money market interest rates, so that the increase of production cost, cause the product and service prices, some of the tax burden will be passed on to consumers through the rising price of; Change housing hold conditions at the same time, in order to change the behavior of housing hold, etc. But, the real estate tax as a real estate such as land and buildings as object of taxation, the tax link includes both real estate holdings, including real estate and property right trading. Therefore, real estate tax can be tax basis for three categories: real estate kept tax, real estate transfer tax, property tax. Usually refers to the real estate property tax keep taxes, it belongs to property tax classes. The so-called real estate keep tax refers to a natural person or legal person holdings of real estate tax. In general, replica louis vuitton belt the object of real estate keep taxation is limited to land and buildings. When calculating the tax base, real estate mortgage loan liabilities shall not be deducted. In most countries belong to local taxes, and real estate tax as the most important part of the local government revenue. Such as the United States local fiscal revenue of more than $1996 in 10000, the real estate tax accounted for more than 20%.

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