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Such as wealth concentrated within short a few, quickly to the domestic bank financial risk concentration, different social strata incandescent the contradictions and conflicts, etc. If not in time to those risks and crisis in-depth reflection, find the crux problems, so once the future risk concentration, the consequences will be very serious. In this paper, the current domestic real estate market a series of problems, misunderstanding of the root cause lies in the following several important problems. First of all, the housing is investment or consumption. According to the characteristics of the housing itself, housing both but investment can also be a consumer. Also because of government departments for housing amphibious sexual knowledge is insufficient, which led to the domestic real estate market judgment and decision-making misleading; Or vested interest groups use the amphibious sex to confound right and wrong, making a false information to mislead consumers and blackmail the government. For example, the national bureau of statistics on the grounds that the international practice, the domestic residents' housing consumption calculation into investment. This not only makes the largest domestic residents' current consumption has not been completely reflected, statistics on the consumption of declining, and makes several years of rapid increase of production price index to conduction to the final consumer goods. However, according to my observation, the upstream product prices are directed to the housing price. Due to the consumer price index does not reflect the actual circumstances of the consumer price changes, the government functional departments would not be able to make the right judgment of the reality of economic life and decision.
   When across the real estate market investors flocked around high prices also are very easy. Look at the real estate market price changes in recent years all over the world, and what a place not because of external reasons can bring prices into heaven. Such as house prices in Shanghai from 2003 to 2005 in more than a year of time increased by several times; Also, nearly for more than a year of shenzhen, home prices are also rising exponentially; And recently, Replica Louis Vuitton Belts chongqing and chengdu is a policy document instantly make the area's house prices rose 10%. What these phenomena shows, is that Replica Hermes Belt's real estate market is a speculation in the market, is the government's policy is, in fact to encourage domestic real estate market speculation. Under this policy to lure, many parts of Replica Hermes Belt real estate market prices on the day. Can say, not only the real estate market development model has a problem, the real estate credit policy has a problem, and the tax policy of the real estate market also has a problem. In a developed market system, the government can completely through the definition of the real estate market development model (such as the United States housing act is defined as the aim of the real estate market is the production of safe, comfortable, and most of the residents have the ability to pay housing), through credit policy adjustments, such as interest rate adjustment, downpayment pertinence, replica louis vuitton belt etc.