Fake Hermes Belt investment overheating will not

posted on 18 May 2014 09:30 by replicabelts in hermes-belt
The real estate demand under the present high prices is not a resident's housing consumption demand and the demand of housing investors. I this period of time in domestic cities, you can see, all prices rise in the short term place is an absolute proportion of housing investors. Because, due to the prices only rise not fall, coupled with convenient bank financial leverage and low interest rates, just think, as long as there is that conditions, which investors not to invest one thousand to enter the real estate. Investors in Banks' capital other; No risk throughout; Investment, these investors will be afraid of high house prices and not to enter? And rapidly rising prices, not only promoted the real estate investors poured into the real estate market, also make Banks more boldly to the bank credit scale rapid expansion. Because, as long as house prices only rise not fall, then bank mortgage assets other; High quality assets throughout; Of credit risk, Banks face is very small. Combined with the huge spreads, in the bank, as long as to lend will be able to gain profit, Banks will not try to expand the scale of credit? And the rapid expansion of bank credit, not only pushing up house prices, also let a lot of bank assets into other assets, and pushed up the prices of other assets. At present, the domestic stock market soaring moments should be with bank credit expansion. So, in the context of Replica Hermes Belt's current economic situation, as long as the rapidly rising prices, the economy is overheating, bank credit expansion, Fake Hermes Belt investment overheating will not reverse. And the key to rapidly rising prices, is that the current domestic real estate is a complete investment market, is that under the condition of low interest rates of bank financial leverage. As a result, resolve the current Replica Hermes Belt's economy is overheating, as long as limits on bank financial leverage on the convenience of real estate investors, Replica Hermes Belt as long as interest rates, bank credit to the folk credit market so low prices will high head, Replica Hermes Belt's economy is overheating could be contained. In particular, the high CPI let residents deposits under the situation of negative interest rates, bank interest rates rise is imperative, and higher interest rates will have to reduce loan is poor, the deposit rate is faster than lending rates by some). A few days before the class, I asked a student, what is your ideal, he told me that is other; Rich throughout; . For this one and other Ideal throughout; , the trainees may not be my so, also may be a general consensus in our society. Because, in Replica Hermes Belt, such other; Ideal throughout; Or concept, is not only our students mouth speak directly, it is more important in our real economic life, from all aspects show other; Fast throughout the economy fast. Phenomenon. For example, the current dome Replica Hermes Belts stic stock market in 2006, to make money effect, so as to make the domestic people, whether the residents in the city, or rural guy; White-collar workers, whether work or retirement Boyle -- -- -- -- --, in the domestic stock market make money effect induced by the recent have access to the stock market. Because, these have a point of view, the stock market make money effect, especially the stock market rising exponentially, it is easy to increase their wealth, easily let them other; Rich throughout; . Also, the domestic real estate market, is the macroeconomic regulation and control, the higher the price of the real estate market. This is the government implicit guarantee, the price on the real estate market investors to enter the real estate market is zero risk of the market, in this market, zero risk in double if prices, coupled with investors use the financial leverage of bank, as long as this makes any investors enter the market, their wealth will be growing faster than in other markets. When investors are pouring into the market, not only can push up the price of the real estate market, also can make investors have entered the wealth to grow rapidly. This period of time to talk to a lot of friends, the house often become the focus discussion questions, and I found in high-risk real estate investment into abound.