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Therefore, the public to spread various opinions and views on the market, must not hearsay, but want to learn more and analysis, otherwise, easily to be confused by these opinions or around. In fact, for these, they rarely read ten countries ten or ignored. From the basic content of the ten countries, its core is to make the function of the domestic real estate industry return to living, instead of the real estate market as a tool of economic development, also don't think of the real estate market as a economic macro-control tools and tool of land finance of local government, making from April 17, 2010, after a fundamental shift in the domestic real estate market policy orientation. Both contain investment speculation, the real estate market and increase the small and medium-sized condominiums at housing land supply, housing consumption tax, low-income housing by compulsory means to increase and improve housing presale system policy, basically all is how to make a living function of housing, and fully limit the housing market as a tool of making money. However, the real estate policy orientation huge adjustment is not happen overnight, it is need a process. In recent days have friends always ask me, Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen and second-tier cities when hermes prices fall, to fall? Always hope real estate policy immediate. But the ten countries will affect the need a certain amount of time. We can see that the price of the domestic real estate market since 2009 was able to quickly soared, Fake Hermes Belt is entirely the result of a sudden reversal in the second half of 2008 the government real estate policy. In the second half of 2008, replica hermes belt in the absence of the financial crisis a strong real estate rescue policies, both favorable personal housing credit policy and excessive preferential tax policy and local government support, Replica Hermes Belts the real estate to adjust since the second half of 2007 has just started suddenly came a policy reversal, and this kind of policy reversal until April 3, 2009 it (that is, the policy effect to roughly half of the time) and effect. In a large number of replica credit funds into the real estate market, real estate speculation began to overflow, the soaring hermes prices will open the floodgates. And the ten countries to curb high prices is from investors use replica leverage as the breakthrough point, strict shut gate using the replica credit funds, these same policy than the 2007 no. 2007 and no. 452 document tougher, and operability. It can be said that the domestic high hermes prices where it came from, also want to go back to where? In 2009 home prices is soaring to the unlimited expansion of replica credit, then shut the credit funds into the gate, hermes prices will not fall? In this case, the national real estate prices will not appear huge adjustment? Also, the domestic real estate market appears great changes, is that the central government to curb high prices of the determination and ability. Resolutely curb high prices, this is the fundamental key of government work and the 10 countries this year. Why the government to resolutely higher hermes prices is enormous threat to replica hermes belt's social and economic life. It damages the interests of the overwhelming majority of people, endangering the state's financial security, damage the Hermes belt replica economy stable and coordinated development. There is the few know the government's determination of high hermes prices curb won't change. This want to lobbying to change the ten countries will not be easy. Since the government has determined to curb high prices, the ability of its policies to curb high prices is a piece of cake. Replica Hermes Belt Because of replica hermes belt's real estate market is a policy of city. Now that can make the real estate market prices soared quickly, as the government has the ability to let the real estate prices return to rationality. The determination of hermes prices to adjust, then the domestic high hermes price adjustment is inevitable. And from the recent domestic and Hong Kong real estate companies share price plunge has seen domestic housing prices will be fully adjusted. Everything under the duck prophet. Also, the domestic real estate market adjustment why not overnight? Also is that the real estate market in 2009 have been booming domestic real estate developers earn rich with some investors, therefore, they think the ability to fight with the government and for the government to change the current policy, in the same situation as in 2003 and 2008.

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