Replica Hermes Belt to listen to the information

posted on 19 May 2014 10:35 by replicabelts in hermes-belt
but the current domestic real estate market is in a state of absolute inferiority information of consumers, ordinary people cannot make a favorable judgment for this market. What is? Here both the housing property problem for this kind of goods, because ordinary people without access to relevant professional ability to judge the quality of the goods, no ability to this kind of commodity pricing; More local government related department, real estate developers, such as part of the media in deliberately made the real estate market information asymmetry, opaque, nonstandard, not science. I remember, had earlier reported that the Beijing housing sales prices rose 24.9% in November 1, 2005. But when want to know 2005 housing Numbers, related functional department has not the data at the time, finally wait until the result is 6.8%, and 1 to 2006, 1 to 2 months, Beijing housing prices rose 17.3% again. Beijing hermes price index repeatedly, Replica Hermes Belts let a person see a scratching his head. Near stage to real estate developers in Beijing every day in the said hermes prices will rise, this kind of information is likely to put those & other; Cash pending & throughout; People herded into the real estate market, or miss the opportunity. So someone deliberately let the real estate market information in a mess. For the current prices have risen in Beijing and other domestic cities? The present information quite a mess. The chaos of the real estate information, let people confused about what to do, is also unable to discern the truth of the price of the hermes. And the current domestic real estate market is the monopoly pricing leadership, real estate developers have conditions of conspiring to push up prices, hermes prices are up, even if Beijing is not enough to show what changes have taken place in the domestic real estate market supply and demand. Is very simple, in a more than 70% of people are unable to enter the market (scholars Zhong Wei results), the market is not only a low efficiency of the market, is also a lack of demand of the market. At the current real estate developers shout rising prices, more than 80% of Beijing's people really have no ability to enter the market. Able to enter the market, or through replica financial leverage speculators, or buy a hermes not to bear the cost of a few people. Therefore, for the general public, must obtain relevant information as much as possible, know more about the market situation, don't see the media hype is to housing price surge of emotion surge, Replica Hermes Belt to listen to the information of chaos, but to do a more rational choice according to their own situation, because after entering the market will face a series of risks. For the current real estate market in Beijing, if you really like the media reports, Beijing hermes price is rising fast, really have to hold those responsible. At the same time, to adopt new policies necessary to curb Beijing housing prices rising rapidly. And the policy has, it is through the way of tax crackdown on real estate speculation; Second, in the absence of open capital account strictly banned foreign investment into the real estate market, the central replica regulation has clear provisions; 3 it is strictly improve Beijing's real estate market order, to control hermes prices, disturb the market order of real estate developers to crack down on; Four is personal consumption credit strict inspection for the Banks, commercial Banks serious punishment for illegal; Five is tightening monetary policy, increase the cost of speculation in real estate is, let it automatically withdrawn from the market, etc. - yi xianrong, a kingdom of article 10 for the real estate industry returned to live on April 17 basic function, Fake Hermes Belt the state council issued the state council on resolutely curb the property price hikes in some cities notice (hereinafter referred to as the 10 or the ten countries). This file is the four this year, the article 11 after a consolidation of the real estate market macro policy of the state council. , so to speak, although in recent years about the real estate