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The results to the places where hermes prices too high, the government should one thousand to come & other; Joe & throughout; Live when the market price; And those who find the local hermes prices is not high place have to be one thousand ways to push up prices. In 2005, I had to many cities, personally experienced local leaders how to boost the local housing prices rising rapidly. Replica Hermes Belts As for the rapidly rising prices, such as media reports said the Beijing hermes prices rose 19.2% in 2005, rose by 17.3% in February 1, 2006. Such high housing prices is rising faster at stable prices? Why local governments are willing to push the local hermes prices high? One of the reasons is to push up the price. As mentioned above, if the housing as an investment, the cost of investment is not the market supply and demand to decide, but by investors' expectations. Once developers expect prices will increase, and they would like to access to land at a higher price. However, the domestic each place in the study of Hong Kong real estate market development pattern, also is only limited to high property prices, high land prices, the high welfare housing is how to file the empty slogan. , Fake Hermes Belt for example, by the end of 2005, the total money for the lowest income family housing safeguard for 4.74 billion yuan, less than a lot of building a project of Beijing Replica Hermes Belt , a drop in the ocean. Even the so-called economy applicable room, many parts of the investment is also declining, and many also is just what the directional sales, such as Beijing. By contrast, Hong Kong residents of public housing occupancy rate of 50% or more, in Hong Kong for more than 50% of low-income people can be solved by the housing security system. That is to say, in the context of the current domestic real estate market development pattern, the study is of high land prices in Hong Kong with high prices and no learning of Hong Kong's generous welfare hermes (of course in the past under the planning system of housing distribution is the result of another system). From the perspective of the will of the will of the government and real estate developers, they all hope the housing problems of low-income people by the government to solve the housing security system, but in fact, from the perspective of replica hermes belt's national conditions, the government can do is very limited in this respect. The ten countries after the release, the domestic real estate market will be a big change in the domestic housing will return to the living function as the dominant market, investment and speculation in the property market will severely curbed or blow. However, for this kind of inevitable trend in the market, real estate developers and housing investors to buy more to hold fluky psychology, or some people think that this article introduced the ten with past real estate macroeconomic regulation and control policy for the same, can play a role is very limited, even think that the real estate macro adjustment policies will also become air conditioning; Or some people think that the policy is a short-term policy, its work is temporary, this is a time in space; Or some people think that the domestic real estate developers are too rich, they don't need to rush to the handle of the housing price to sell, therefore the policy to achieve a goal impossible; Or someone thought that although these policy would increase the cost of housing investment, but the increased cost of these is negligible for investors, the housing investors don't have much impact, and even housing investors to transfer these increased costs to buyers, etc., thus making the policy failure, and so on. , so to speak, after the ten countries, although the opinion of how these policies affect the market is multifarious, but these ideas will be favorable to express their views in the interests Angle, even hope that through this opinion about replica hermes belt's real estate market in the future. However, these views have a fundamental point, it is hope that the existing real estate market present situation doesn't change, hope the interests of the existing real estate market is not adjusted, hope after the escape from let the real estate bubble burst in nature. That is to say, these people are on the surface can't directly against the ten countries (excluding individual extremists), but they are from the heart is opposed to the government of the ten countries, because of the ten countries seriously touches or damage their vested interests.