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From the government on the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control for the last few years, the macro-control years, every policy is stable housing prices, but the actual result is higher prices YueDiao. Four is, make asset price bubble, the government is not as usual take the way of the town but to market-oriented ways. The government should do something through market-oriented means to adjust and control the stock market. This principle, to say the government is right, but here is to understand, what is the manner in which market? What is a market-oriented mechanism? And, just for the Replica Gucci Belts stock market and property market at present, they are a complete the operation of the market to the laws of the market. If our market is not the operation of the market with a completely with the laws of the market, so in the market-oriented way to regulate whether can achieve control target is not easy. Early years of the real estate market, for example, has some people say that the market-oriented way to adjust, the current real estate market price is not high? Is that the demand for real estate market is too big, will have to increase the supply of more, especially to increase more land supply, but the actual land supply is rapidly increased, house prices and vice is higher and higher. Real estate development enterprises through other; Wu throughout the ; other; Regulations throughout; The way to deal with. Also, if the Replica Gucci Belts stock market and property market is a completely determined by the relationship between market supply market, so how can these places excess profits or profits of the years? In a market economy is only an average profit without such excess profits for many years. Therefore, replica gucci belts for a market on the system is not fully market-oriented, government regulation and control goal which fully market-oriented ways is not easy. Five in the regulation on the stock market is that government how to protect the interests of investors, ranging from risk education for investors, is also no protect investors. The government to protec fake gucci belts t the interests of the investors, this is absolutely right. It is also a responsibility government. However, replica gucci belts there also have some questions to think. A high risk investment market, not only to strengthen the education must carry on the investment risks for investors, but also to let investors to truly experience the importance of investment risk is proud. If our market is just making money, investors personal merrily merrily; At a loss, fake gucci belt I have to put the blame on the government, to the government's policy, so, we can't really protect investors, not only the market but also will make the market some market manipulation and insider trading in the market.