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posted on 25 May 2014 10:52 by replicabelts in replica-gucci-belts
Because, economy is applicable housing coverage is low, making it the impact on the real estate market is very limited. Recently, premier wen jiabao in tashkent in uzbekistan, said the Replica Gucci Belts stock market, the government will take measures to prevent asset bubbles, and to prevent the occurrence of ups and downs of the stock market. At the same time, replica gucci belts the government knows to prevent asset bubbles and prevent market volatility is also important, the government will be careful analysis, find out the problem, the government's responsibility is to build a fair and healthy and transparent market order, the health of the stock market is the quality of the enterprise, are open and transparent market, both to protect the interests of the enterprise, also to protect the interests of consumers. Therefore, the government through the market mechanism to take some measures to adjust and control on the stock market, and the purpose is to prevent the stock market ups and downs. And it is very difficult, because now the Replica Gucci Belts stock market is growing fast, increase in the number of people also many, the fluctuations of the stock market affects the country's economy and affects the interests of the shareholders. From the point of the speech of premier wen jiabao on domestic stock market, I think basically has the following several layers of meaning. One is from 2005 domestic stock market since the rapid development and prosperity, this is the first time that the prime minister said its opinion about the stock market directly, which will reflect the central focus on domestic asset price bubbles, the attention to the stock market development. Second, the government also see problems that exist in the Replica Gucci Belts economy at present, namely two big asset prices rise rapidly and the bubble. First, to say the past two or three years, real estate replica gucci belts prices quickly, then the rapid rise in the price of the stock market, and the two promote each other, both the stock market and property market, its price is the unprecedented rise period. The interaction between asset pric gucci belt replica es rise rapidly, although it seems Gucci Belt's rapid economic growth, the Gucci rose unpleasant environment, is always referred to in domestic other; High growth and low inflation throughout; Cases, but in fact both from the historical experience and in theory, it hides a huge potential risk. Because of this, the central government is clearly aware of the importance of prevent asset bubbles. The premier also affirmed the present situation of Gucci Belt's economy asset price bubbles, but how to prevent the further inflating asset-price bubbles. Both in real estate and stock markets. Three is that asset price bubbles exist in the Replica Gucci Belts economy, so how do you in domestic asset price bubbles burst before extrusion foam, that is, the current government to do things. And extrusion of asset price bubbles, and to prevent further inflating asset bubbles, also want to prevent during extrusion asset price bubbles reduce fake gucci belt the impact on the stock market and real estate market. Namely, how to achieve the balance. The government's intention is good, but it is rather difficult to do this. Because, if the government completely take administrative means, so will inevitably lead to the entire market fluctuations, if fully market-oriented ways, so the government's policy for those routes to market forces is not easy. Market forces as a result of the government often cannot be expected.