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Want more people to participate in these two problems to think and discuss. Following the CPI at 5.6% in July after high number are at new highs in recent 10 years, CPI continue to go up in August, its rise above 6.5%, continue at new highs of nearly 10 years. For so high CPI, whether the central bank in the second quarter monetary policy report, as well as in central bank official said on the concerns of the CPI is too high. In particular, governor zhou yi gang pointed out that recently, and maintain the stability of prices and curb the CPI rise quickly, so that the actual interest rates comes at a level, it is the basic responsibility of the central bank. To this, we also see the central bank how to curb domestic prices. It is such a kind of guiding ideology, since this year, the central bank has to raise the deposit reserve ratio 7 times, four times to raise interest rates, five directional bill, has adopted a series of contractionary monetary policy.
Although these policies have not reverse the reality of excess liquidity, in a short time to reverse the CPI rise quickly, but money and credit growth in anticipation of a breakthrough before, however, the recent central bank monetary policy thinking is right. If the central bank this ideas can continue to be implemented and implementation of monetary policy, the two big asset price bubbles could squeeze out slowly, will get basically contain the CPI rise rapidly, Gucci Belt's overheating economy will also be able to achieve truly achieve a soft landing. Because, is very simple, cheap ferragamo belts the central bank's monetary policy is basically a market-oriented policy. The impact of these policies on the market, is not through administrative means to individuals and enterprises in the market to do or what not to do, and it is through the adjustment of monetary supply and demand, through currency to change in the market price mechanism change of individual and enterprise market expectations, to affect their economic decisions by such expectations. Therefore, the central bank's monetary policy impact on the market is always constant, permeability and slow, cheap ferragamo belt not immediate. Only the central bank's monetary policy play a role in the market main body unconsciously, such ability through monetary policy to smooth the macroeconomic fluctuation. Otherwise, how the central bank's monetary policy the government administrative measures as an immediate effect, so it shows that the shortage of the bank of England's monetary policy and even failure. Now we are going to see is that the current domestic inflation will further? The level of interest in Gucci Belt is to which level? Here, we take the producer price index (PPI), it is not only a measure of manufactured goods is also a leading indicator of consumer price index (CPI). On September 10, the national bureau of statistics said on its web site announcement, by food prices, Gucci Belt's producer price index (PPI) in August rose 2.6% from a year earlier, the growth is faster than the 2.4% in July. Among them, in August this year, the mainland of raw materials, fuel, power purchase prices rose 3.8% on a yearly basis. In factory gate prices, production producer prices rose 2.2% year-over-year, among them, the biggest increase in raw material industry, was 3.9%, and the mining industry and processing industry were up 1.4% and 1.4% respectively; In addition, fake ferragamo belt the life information producer prices rose 3.5%, according to the years, food prices rose as high as 8.6%, general commodity class and dress is up 1.8% and 1.8% respectively. These data show that commodity prices growth is accelerated, concerns the future of consumer prices rising pressure was further improved.