replica ferragamo belt the earth's land supply

posted on 16 Jun 2014 08:50 by replicabelts in replica-ferragamo-belts
It has completely publicity, gifted residency, every citizen has a natural demand, but the elements of product supply is established (i.e., replica ferragamo belt the earth's land supply is established). At the same time, it is to invest and consumable products. If the problem of real estate is only according to the market to deal with the general product idea, then the problem will be more and more difficult, more and more complicated. Popular views on the market at present, for example, currently on the market prices are too high, is due to the large market demand, is because there is a rigid demand in the market so rigid demand for these, will have to increase land supply, to produce more real estate developers of housing, housing market. For general product market, such way of thinking, of course, not many wrong, but for the real estate market, its effect is very questionable. Increase land supply, because of the earth's land supply is established or rigid, if you don't improve land use efficiency, is established in the land supply, land supply now, means that the decrease of land supply in the future. In such cases, access to land real estate developers will be expected to land supply in the future will be less and less, land appreciation potential is bigger and bigger (especially when the government to provide more urban infrastructure construction, land appreciation potential larger). Under such circumstances, real estate developers will use long periodicity of real estate production, make its periodic extension products, value of land in order to get higher profits. Such as some buildings in Shanghai are attained in the early 90 s land extend to produce the product after ten years. That is to say, the government to increase land supply, most of the real estate market will not be due to the supply of land increases with the increase of the real estate market supply. Assume that, on the other hand, real estate developers access to land to produce more products to enter the real estate market as soon as possible, after if real estate is totally consumer goods, in the supply of products increase, personal consumption, market supply and demand will be changed. But the real estate market is not only consumer goods but investments. When the product is the real estate market investment, investors of housing investment demand for housing investment depends on investment expectations. If investors expect housing prices to rise, then investors will increase the demand for homes, if investors are expected to housing prices fall, more investors will reduce the demand for housing. In this case, the investor demand for housing is not the size of supply and demand of the market, the prospect is that investment on housing prices. To stabilise property prices, if the government, for the price of the real estate market as a recessive guarantee, as investment also is only a rise in the price of housing and not falling, in this case, will make more investors to enter the real estate market, prices will rise, investors will increase demand for housing. In this case, if only in limited supply to solve this kind of infinite investment demand, the housing prices is inevitable. Visible, if you don't solve the problem, only is to increase land supply is impossible to solve the problem of the real estate market supply. Also, for such a big country like Gucci Belt, 70% of farmers special powers, hope to study in Singapore, Hong Kong model to solve the housing problems of low-income residents of Gucci Belt is also not realistic. Especially hope that through other; Double track throughout; Train of thought to solve the problem of Gucci Belt's real estate market is far away from the reality in Gucci Belt. Is very simple, in the case of prices very high, if that 80% residents through affordable housing to solve the problem of its residents will certainly reality too far. Because, even if little, finance such good place like Hong Kong took 50 years to residents of low-income housing has improved, so the standards of Gucci Belt in Hong Kong is too far away from the domestic conditions. If the domestic real estate market to two lines s fake ferragamo belt eparately, market to market, the government owned by the government, when the time comes, cheap ferragamo belts squandered the land resources, but will make Gucci Belt's urban residents housing contradiction is more and more big. Only blend each other in the role of market and government, is the domestic real estate market of the right direction.