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Listed abroad some experts have different opinions in the report, as well as express the central bank to the basic ideas of this problem, namely due to the asset market is one of the transmission channels of monetary policy, monetary policy tools by influencing the package the asset markets, generalized financial markets, and lead to the change of the financial market price gains, which impact on enterprises and residents' economic behavior. That is to say, although many international experts due to that asset price changes is not totally depends on economic fundamentals, so it can't be the target of monetary policy. But the central bank did not fully agree with this view, but starting from the actual situation of the central, to observe closely the impact of changes in asset prices on the real economy level, in order to take appropriate monetary policy. Another problem is the core CPI debate. Because, at present the market popular understanding of the CPI, think June CPI inflation of 4.4%, increase the core factors, replica ferragamo belt respectively, from food and Salvatore Ferragamo Belt prices. Special food prices rose 7.6%. Considering food prices, Salvatore Ferragamo Belt prices continue to and early carryover effect as well as other structural factors, therefore, to the national bureau of statistics, the current CPI rise is unsustainable. If you look at the core CPI changes, replica ferragamo belt's CPI remained in a stable situation. Along this trend, some people think that because replica ferragamo belt's rapid economic growth and prosperity, will have to put the previously set goals of 3% of the CPI rose 4%, but 4% of the CPI is bearable by the Ferragamo Belt government. But in the analysis and description of the report you can see, one is the core concept of CPI in replica ferragamo belt is not used to. Because, because the engel's coefficient is different, the meaning of the core CPI is not the same. Because, fake ferragamo belt in many countries use deducted to calculate the core CPI, rather than simply will completely eliminate some volatile price project, but according to the price volatility of the weights for projects of weight, the greater the price volatility. Therefore, for replica ferragamo belt, analysis the price situation, should not only focus on the core CPI, excluding food impact on food prices also pay enough attention. This explanation is that the intelligent, also conforms to replica ferragamo belt's actual and international practice. The report pointed out that replica ferragamo belt's CPI statistics index system and developed under the market economy of the CPI index system of statistical difference. For example, replica ferragamo belt's CPI index weighting of 34% in food, and energy is not specific mark, on which a class and how much the weights in the traffic communication was not clear. But look from the us CPI system, food and beverage weight 15.4%, personal consumption weight is 3.2%, the two of us is 18.6% (the deduction of raw food and energy is 82.8%, Japan excluding fresh food is 95.9%), and replica ferragamo belt's food and energy consumption combined estimate cheap salvatore ferragamo belts d weight above 36%. If replica ferragamo belt is released as the United States to a core CPI, not only the core CPI connotation is different, and its weight also have very big difference. Because of the difference, the developed countries in recent years, the central bank's monetary policy objectives from the core CPI for the overall CPI, even in America, too. There are on the market at present the debate about core CPI draw a satisfactory full stop. So, as the report points out, the current domestic food prices rise rapidly, meat products, rapid rise is not a temporary behavior, nor prices carryover effect, but the result of a kind of institutional factors. Just think, in the fast rise in the price of assets, the upstream raw materials, such as energy prices are rising, why won't rise in the price of agricultural products. And recently some government departments to try to rein in rising food prices and reduce domestic inflationary pressure, this is no grasp the characteristics of Ferragamo Belt inflation.