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As the report points out, the current domestic food prices in addition to the affected by the factors such as climate and natural disasters, also with reduced farmland area, farming in our country is closely related to the rapid growth of labor and industrial USES. This paper also added two international food prices and institutional factors change. So in this paper, a comprehensive trend in favour of higher food prices. And food prices continue to rise or stay high, would increase the cost of people's life, induce high inflation expectations, pushed by cost can lead to inflation. These views are based authors.furthermore, empirical support. All in all, this report around the market with different prices, to describe the reality of the financial markets, to illustrate the bank point of view, and the expression of contentious issues on the market at present obvious tendency, which is the basis of the central bank monetary policy in the future. Recently, with the state council about to solve the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt difficulties of low-income families in urban areas of several opinions (hereinafter referred to as & other throughout 24 files &;) Release, Salvatore Ferragamo Belt problem has become the government about the core of the work of real estate, also has become the core concern of the real estate market. Of course for low-income urban residents, and implement through government documents, gucci belt replica this is a good thing. But, should see, low-income urban residents' residency is born with their rights. As explained by the Ferragamo Belt government white paper on human rights, human rights is the most basic rights of Ferragamo Belt citizens their right to live. And residency is one of the most basic right to live them. Earlier, therefore, governments at all levels of low-income urban residents residency is not too concerned about, is only the lack of some government policy, can only say that the local government indifference to low-income urban residents basic right to live. Can say, no. 24, just lack of government policy on previous revision, just low-income urban residents managed the most basic right to live. The core of the no. 24, therefore, is to solve the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt difficulties of low-income families in urban areas as an important content of Salvatore Ferragamo Belt construction and Salvatore Ferragamo Belt system reform, speed up the establishing and perfecting the focusing on the low-rent Salvatore Ferragamo Belt system, through various channels to solve the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt difficulties of low-income families in urban areas of policy system. Is that the government will introduce a series of supporting policies of executable file to ensure that the goal to achieve, to ensure the basic right of low-income urban residents are implemented. But, if there is any market participants think, & other; No. 24 is the essence of defines the boundary of government and market, the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt separated from the market, in a more safe and positive throughout & new ideas in regulating the real estate market; , I think, if the 24 file that is the case, replica ferragamo belt's Salvatore Ferragamo Belt security system is to point to this, only not only shows the train of thought on the policy system is relatively narrow, and easy to cause the real estate market and the actual situation in the Ferragamo Belt spirit and Ferragamo Belt. Because, as the 24th file points out, the first words & other; Salvatore Ferragamo Belt is an important livelihood issues & throughout; And, therefore, replica ferragamo belt's real estate market development is people's basic living conditions, in order to improve the people's livelihood issues in Salvatore Ferragamo Belt is the root of the real estate market development. That is to say, replica ferragamo belt's real estate market development is not only a pillar industry, is not how to boost GDP growth, also not is how to expand domestic d fake gucci belt emand, but how to solve the national people's basic Salvatore Ferragamo Belt conditions, to improve the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt of the national people's welfare level, and improve and improve people's Salvatore Ferragamo Belt welfare level is the fundamental law of replica ferragamo belt's real estate market development. It can be said that such a fundamental law, not only embodies the guarantee people's basic right of modern civilization, embodies the party's all the basic aim of serving the people, also reflected the Ferragamo Belt land public ownership, let share the social achievements to the national people's requirements. Reform in replica ferragamo belt's real estate market and real estate market policies have to be around the basic law. Therefore, to solve the Salvatore Ferragamo Belt difficulties of low-income families in urban areas of 24 files, is only the beginning of the fundamental law, more important is whether all the Ferragamo Belt people can comprehensively improve living conditions.