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If these basic conditions, fake ferragamo belt not to real estate tax is imposed to face many difficulties. But, if you can let the real estate tax system simplified, but also can create conditions for levying real estate. For example, first of all, each family with a set of Replica Ferragamo Belt need not tax (whatever the conditions, the first set of Replica Ferragamo Belt family circumstances are not taxation on real estate), and real estate tax is collected from the second set of Replica Ferragamo Belt. And the second set of Replica Ferragamo Belt tax, the tax imposed by different places is different, basically determined by the local, but the tax revenue distribution, is to take the more developed places or house prices high, the lower the proportion of its place. In this way, a makes the local governments have no incentive to push up prices, local tax charged by the central real estate second available transfer to less developed areas. Then, on the basis of the gradually perfecting Ferragamo Belt's real estate tax system. To do this, of course, to the national Replica Ferragamo Belt census in the first place, are strictly take home purchases real-name (at this point, the government can take strict rules to do not take real-name Replica Ferragamo Belt purchase, not to transfer and exchange, etc.). It can be said that the current real estate tax is delayed start, the market of the difficulties and problems, system is a natural, more important real estate tax system rules and promoters are often the biggest vested interests, if not the breakthrough in this, Ferragamo Belt's real estate tax on or distant things. This with previous unit Replica Ferragamo Belt allocation committee of welfare, no matter how change, distribution rules are not to commission how many conflicts of interest. In a word, with the continuous high-speed development of domestic real estate industry, the land resource is very scarce in Ferragamo Belt, both over-investment and excessive consumption of real estate and runs counter to the national conditions of Ferragamo Belt. To solve this problem existing problems in Ferragamo Belt's real estate development model, the problem of credit policy, tax policy adjustment problems. By real estate tax, not only can increase the government revenue sources, adjust the income equitable distribution of the real estate market, and reduce the excessive real estate speculation and excessive consumption, curb soaring house prices, reduce real estate illegal, ensure that the real estate market is an important step in the continuous and stable development. I hope the government can create conditions to develop and improve the system of real estate tax. According to the questionnaire survey, the securities times despite the bullish stock market in the first half of 2007, the Shanghai composite index and shenzhen component index, replica ferragamo belt gains have reached 42.80% and 88.75% respectively, however, stock index is up, there are still a lot of small and medium-sized investors run lose the market, 31.17% more people lose money. For this questionnaire survey, although on the choice of sample, the sample size may be questioned. But one thing is clear, in the current system of Ferragamo Belt's market environment, small and medium-sized investors should run lose the market is a very common thing. Because, as of Yale university, Prof. Chen points out, Ferragamo Belt's stock market at present, although after equity division, but its basic characteristics did not change. In the current Ferragamo Belt's stock market is still a speculative market speculation rather than an investment market. For example, when he has not duly reported earnings of listed companies, the company's shares have not punished by the market and the company's shares fell, cheap ferragamo belt on the other hand, the company's shares have doubled up; Regulators notified when early 2007 17 major shareholders of listed companies hollowed company assets, the company shares did not fall, but for a few days; Especially since 2007, on May 30 after ST plate stock speculation on the day, rose by an average of more than 330% above, there are companies rose 1650%. That is to say, from the point of these phenomena, after the reform of non-tradable shares, the Ferragamo Belt stock market is not out of the shadow of hype manipulation. The stock prices of listed companies is not based on the value of listed companies, but completely is the result of marketing hype. If the stock market can also can long-term development, then developed and where in the world is not the stock market. When stock market speculation is serious, when the market is a market manipulation, the market trading part of people to plunder of another part of the people are very common.
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