cheap ferragamo belts can be directly contraction

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One is the domestic real estate market information too messy, Cheap Ferragamo Belt consumers don't get effective information, thereby effectively decision; Second, the domestic Cheap Ferragamo Belt consumers of real estate market and financial market knowledge is insufficient, therefore, in the face of true and false information and Victoria, also have no way to identify and selection, easy induced by real estate developers of speech; Three is the main current purchase basically is 25 to 35 years old of young people, these people have neither the last bus to catch up with the welfare Cheap Ferragamo Belt distribution, and consumption in the main body as the urban population structure has greatly changed, dominated by the one-child. When parents eat into their savings to buy a house, because a lot of money is not pay their own, the consciousness of nature will weaken consumer sovereignty. Since there are so many defects, so easy now that the interests of consumers are violated, so consumers the best way to protect their own interests is to save his life. And to do this, first of all have to be in the domestic real estate market to establish a wide range of consumer sovereignty consciousness, every consumer according to their own constraints to make specific decisions, careful analysis, understand all kinds of information, not induced by developers, personal consumption is more rational.

The real estate market should be like other market, dominated by consumers, is determined by the consumer products market and product structure and content of trade-off. If the domestic real estate market dominated by consumers is established broad consensus, so consumers still afraid prices don't fall, also afraid of the real estate developers to manipulate the market? The central bank's decision to since August 15, 2006, to raise deposit financial institutions deposit reserve rate of 0.5%. 21 central bank made it clear that the raise deposit reserve rate, mainly to strengthen liquidity management, suppress the excessively rapid growth of credit amount. According to the measure, raise the deposit reserve rate of 0.5%, can the disposable lock about 150 billion yuan. In the face of domestic economic overheating, liquidity, the central bank why only to raise the deposit reserve rate and not raising interest rates? This is mainly because the central bank of Ferragamo Belt's present economic situation judgment, and to protect the needs of the state-owned enterprises reform and the reform of state-owned Cheap Belts.

The national bureau of statistics released on July 18, the consumer price index (CPI) in the first half of this year, up 1.3% year-on-year, while GDP growth of 10.9%. Just look at these two data, currently Ferragamo Belt's economy is in a other; High growth and low inflation throughout; The good times. Therefore, both to ensure that the domestic economic growth continues, don't increase the burden of state-owned enterprises reform and the reform of state-owned Cheap Belts, and to be able to some constraints of bank credit growth too fast, adjusting the legal deposit reserve ratio of commercial Cheap Belts is an efficient way. In view, the central bank to raise the deposit reserve rate is one of domestic commercial Cheap Belts to the pertinence of fast credit growth, cheap ferragamo belts can be directly contraction commercial bank liquidity; The second is not too big, direct impact on other industries so that the whole economic growth will not be affected by how much; Third, compared with increases in interest rates, to raise the deposit reserve rate will not burden to enterprises and Cheap Belts;