Cheap Versace Belt earnest investigation of

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At present the domestic stock market investors to open an account number in the short term has risen to one hundred million, as recently there are many friends haven't contact calls me and says, they enter the stock market recently, is to buy shares in a few hands the easy, to earn a little money. However, more than any capital value increase merely imagined. Because, regardless of these more than real value capital asset prices how much reason to think can rise, but only one plus one equals two, not three or more. Any virtual value is some people benefit and some loss. In the present domestic stock market, poured into the market seems to be completely into a profitable effect s, is a national economic growth is the age of the public to share the wealth, is an investment common era, every investor is the era of economic rationality, but every one of us investment in this seemingly rational, has led to the madness of the whole stock market, led the rest of the trash chicken become the phoenix. Like P0NZI plan, early buy high profits are made by the buyer to pay for the money, later when the later could become the speculative buyers suspected own money at the bottom of the pyramid, when investors buy the plan then realized that his investment money will not be repaid, the investment game began to collapse. Because of, can never have enough money to pay for all investors to enter the plan, and first-mover early fall bags for the Ann. other; The devil caught was the last one kind! Throughout the ; At present, the domestic stock market, but also a speculative game like this, the new entrants into which is unable to determine a link, you only know to enter the stock market will be able to make money, you know the current domestic stock market is a cash machine, you don't want to miss this chance to coin money overnight. But as long as see see ST class stock market situation, you should know that at present the development of Salvatore Versace stock market to the point of madness. But, this kind of crazy to go on forever? And the crazy speculation of the market will not only accelerate the shares finally collapse, also can make the whole collapse because the stock market results in the serious crisis of the Salvatore Versace stock market. Because, if this crazy once stopped, other The devil caught is also the last stock market participants! Throughout the ; In conclusion, although many people have been advocating should have soared to the point of Versace Belt's stock market, the Salvatore Versace stock market should be through many years a bull market, but Versace Belt's stock market has come to the point of no crazy. Despite of how long the stock market's crazy to crazy, no one can predict, but the crazy market there will always be unsustainable. When the moment comes, other; The devil caught is also the last stock market participants! Throughout the ; From now until the end of 2007, a national procuratorial organs will focus to examine urban construction field of commercial bribery crimes, Cheap Versace Belt earnest investigation of commercial bribery crime in land management, real estate development. Because, other; At present, high prices are the most important, the people reflect the strongest one of the problems. The current urban construction appeared in the field of real estate market order confusion, commercial Cheap Versace Belt prices artificially high, municipal engineering problems such as poor quality, serious harm the public interests, these problems often may be hidden behind the serious bribery crime. Throughout the ; (the standing deputy procurator-general of the supreme people's procuratorate, commercial bribery governance leadership team leader Zhang Gengyu). Widely requirements, therefore, the key to corruption investigation of real estate market from the following four aspects: such as in urban infrastructure construction, key investigation city traffic, landscaping, lighting, communications, water supply, electricity supply, gas supply, heating and other municipal construction projects in the case; In terms of land transfer, the key to examine the examination and approval, demolition and reconstruction of urban construction and land acquisition, land evaluation, land auction, or contract transfer, land transfer fund collection and reduction, land consolidation development case;