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And this cycle of herd behavior, also can produce a kind of infinite amplification mechanism, namely stocks initially prices will lead to higher prices, round and round of stock market prices. In this case, the prices of stocks initially signals are apparently infinite amplification, far more than its itself can form of higher prices. But, every investors know this magnified by rising prices may fall at any moment. If the stock market prices, fears, a fall in stock prices may open the floodgates. In this way, every investor in the greed and fear. Can see from the above phenomena, this round of the stock market rise quickly in Gucci, basic is the result of price signal infinite amplification, rather than the listed company performance is promoted or improve, more than what is set in Gucci's real economy. Because of stock market price is the result of the hype, it inevitably makes the market investors want to hype won the highest share price on the one hand, on the other hand, again afraid oneself to the last bar, thus the whole market in greed and fear. It was also my student and domestic stock market investors facing the reality of the stock market. If, the domestic stock market will not be able to change this situation, the domestic securities market may make the mistake of Japan in the 1990 s, in the next few years the crisis in the financial markets can occur at any time. The current problem of the real estate market became the most attention in the whole social economic life. Both in the central government and the general public, is very close to the development of the real estate market. For example, in the prime minister's government report this year, the real estate market adjustment problems as the main task of the government's work for this year. Because the real estate market the thicket of interest relationship, because of the complexity of the real estate market, also forced the government policy on real estate market year after year, and say, these policy goals are good. Why the government over the years, however, the real estate market policy so much and so frequently, but the effect is not obvious. The reasons of the estimated market here, there may be the goal of real estate policy did not show the gradation. Only let the real estate regulation and control goal multilayered, not only easy to let the real estate regulation and control goal more targeted, and easier to let the policy goal refinement and operational. , for example, in terms of the current domestic real estate market, real estate macro-control policies don't just say how to construction of Belt security system, how to adjust the structure of the real estate market, how to curb the rapidly rising prices, how to adjust the real estate market order, etc., but should be targeted to the real estate market macroeconomic regulation and control goal is decomposed into short-term, medium-term target and short-term goals, and through the target decomposition to suit the remedy to the case, it is easy to find way to resolve the real estate market problem. First of all, from the point of short term goals, the current domestic why the real estate market, the more the greater the macro-control of real estate investment, the more the bank's money flows into real estate market? The biggest problem is that the real estate market prices rise quickly. Just think, if the real estate market price rise quickly, business investment will not be poured into the market, capital not profit? Especially the particularity of monopoly of real estate. Because, rapidly rising prices, to enter the real estate market corporate profits are rising rapidly. A rapid rise in the price of the domestic real estate market, then, why? Whether because of market supply and demand, whether the market is in short supply, if someone says the rigid demand of the real estate market there, actually these are not problems. The problem is that the real estate market is the investment and consumption of amphibious market. When the real estate market is a complete investment markets, coupled with the market price is the government's recessive guarantee, so the price of the real estate market must be a market up not down. In such cases, due to enter the real estate market of the investment risk is zero, this will inevitably cause market influx of investors. Coupled with the available bank of financial leverage, as an investment real estate market price to push the job is very easy. Rising prices, in particular, Banks feel to enter the market is also a risk free business, thus launched a series of convenient mortgage products to enter the real estate market, such as additional mortgage or refinancing. Combined together in the real estate enterprise Replica Gucci Belts s, Banks and investors, the domestic real estate market prices is also very easy. So, just short of the real estate market macroeconomic goals, the government should do is to clear positioning of domestic real estate market, in the current Cheap Gucci Belts people more, less, is under the condition of lack of land resources, the domestic real estate market strictly defined for the consumer goods market, strictly curb real estate market investments.