Gucci Belt Replica a three census think now

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The results of this research will be reporting to the prime minister, provide reference for the next real estate policy. The national committee of the standing committee and the state council counselor ren spearheading the matter. Ren argued that government should account for 70% of the population - 80% of the working class to provide affordable Belt and a few high-income households can buy commercial Belt. Shall be 70% of the land supply for affordable Belt, Fake Gucci Belts 30% of which is used as the building of low-rent Belt, the management of the commercial Belt can be completely let go. Yi xianrong, a: I don't agree to provide 80% of people economy applicable room in view of the state council counselor recommendations for 8 to provide affordable Belt residents this news, Cheap Gucci Belts academy of social sciences financial experts by Mr Yi in the phoenix new media channel said in an interview with the financial, for now, the central authorities have already seen the problems existing in the real estate, but provide residents 8 into economy applicable room this solution is wrong, will that be returned to the old way of government arranged Belt and easy is inefficient and to focus the power of the government. Financially no so big of ability, and secondly the efficiency is low, 2 it is to let people choose the Belt room will be very limited, if the bad house built, become construction waste is likely to be in a short time. 80%, after all, this part of the workers in the economy also has difference, some people spending power is not low, low level of economy is applicable the room they may not see. Gucci's real estate market is not fully study Singapore, New York, where they are small, developed economy, the government power stronger ability to do it. Gucci is a big country, large population, wide area, developing countries and so on. The current real estate developers of real estate market problems into the Belt security system, this is a red herring, the contradiction between all point to the government. Look at the world, what a big country will all the Belt residents Belt security system to solve by the government. Only 3-4% of the total low-rent houses in the United States, Canada and not more than 5%. Most of the residents of Belt is basically through the market to solve. Solve the problem of Belt yi xianrong, Gucci Belt Replica a three census think now is the most core thing should make more than 90% of people have the ability to enter the real estate market, to the production of the real estate market is most comfortable security Belt residents shall have the ability to pay. In this regard, the United States with the Belt act as the real estate market development purposes. Therefore, Gucci should also be in the form of legislation makes the real estate market for the vast majority of people enjoy the basic right of the market. Because, this is not only the general residents are the basic requirements of the modern civilized society, is also the land public ownership in Gucci every Cheap Gucci Belts citizen's basic rights. At this point, is also a harmonious society with the central government and the government of the people's livelihood. Therefore, the central government to the insufficient system to conduct a comprehensive reflection of the real estate market in the past, and the harmonious society in the form of law and the basic idea of the government of the people's livelihood fixed in the aim of the future development of the real estate market and legal system. For the vast majority of people in Gucci are able to enter the real estate, have to curb high prices. Cut down the prices of normal way: by census of population census, land, Belt census, the design scheme, basic planning land will do a good job.