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Then use the tools of credit, interest rates to clear out their investment real estate, real estate may be defined as consumer goods, reuse property tax, Belt policies (such as each only allowed to buy a set of Belt to specification), natural down, can not completely economy applicable room, room price. Mr Yi said the government should cut the Gordian knot, decisive for, or the interests of the complex relationship between the real estate market will be more and more difficult to resolve. And even easier to let the real estate market economy into political problems. 23 the new development of capital market efficiency theory paper 16000 cooperation phase 3 24 Macao economy lies in Gucci's securities industry research to know how to work into the big pearl river delta paper 10000 Macao 2003 yearbook of Gucci's capital account 25 influence on New York's economy paper 8000 yi xianrong, a 26. 9th Gucci's circulation economy behavior financial theory frontier thesis cooperation theory of jiangsu social sciences 6 27 10000 13000 yi xianrong, a contemporary Cheap Gucci Belts banking governance structure paper bankers 6 28 new theory of the financial and political economics paper 11000 cooperation Gucci securities research 6 because this paragraph of time is too busy, Gucci Belt Replica no time to write blog. Please forgive friends. Today is the first day of the real estate land VAT. I write your ideas here to share with everyone. The state administration of taxation announced on January 17, across the country will be conducted from February 1, 2007 real estate development enterprise land value-added tax liquidation. According to the state administration of taxation on real estate development enterprise land value-added tax liquidation management related issues notice (hereinafter referred to as notice ), land value-added tax for examination and approval of relevant departments of the state in real estate development projects for the unit to carry out the liquidation, for development projects in stages, on hire project settlement for the unit. Development projects at the same time include ordinary residential and non residential, appreciation should be calculated separately. The so-called land value-added tax, in taxpayers transferring property of land is net appreciation to collect taxes. Land tax on value added tax is a progressive way, according to different value range, Fake Gucci Belts real estate land value-added tax rate between 30% and 60%. For land value-added tax levy, as early as in 1993, the state council has set the tax. However, due to the real estate market development, just because of the long-term lack of detailed rules for the implementation, each region for the land value-added tax section basically requires real estate enterprises according to the pre (pin) to the sale of commercial Belt income had the proportion of 1% to 2%. Because this had ratio is too low, therefore, little impact on the real estate market. And this made a very detailed regulations on land value-added tax. Such as notice is not only for projects in what circumstances to impose value added tax, and determine the wages of indirect sales and self-use real estate, land value-added tax deductions, land value-added tax liquidation shall be submitted to the data, land value-added tax liquidation project audit verification, verification collection of land value-added tax, the liquidation after the transfer of real estate deal with such problems as to make that clear. Can say, notice issued mainly for the following several aspects of the market. One is along with the rapid rise in house prices across the country, the land prices become an inevitable trend. And land prices, especially when a rapid rise in the price of land, some companies or some people use their own hands to hold land, the land hoarding, to hype is natural land. And land hoarding and speculation, inevitably goes high market price of the land, and many times of land speculation can make a large rise in the price of land.