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The commercial housing investment grew by 29.5% year on year, increase 8% faster than the same period last year. And real estate investment growth mainly displays in the east, especially these megacities in Shanghai, but on the other hand, rapid growth of real estate investment has been from the coast to the mainland second line to the city below. Rapid growth of investment in real estate is a red throughout the country. Now in August 1 - the eastern, central and western areas of real estate development investment growth growth of 20.6%, 20.6% and 35.5%, respectively, namely began to rebound in the eastern part of real estate investment growth, central and western district real estate development investment growth is much higher than that of 2005. At the same time, from the perspective of real estate development financing source, 1 - real estate development funds in August this year growth of 28% or more, and important performance in the domestic bank loan growth of 51% (21%), 2005, foreign capital utilization increased by 36% (10%), 2005, foreign direct investment of 63% (18%), 2005, and deposit and deposit of 5% (5%) in 2005. That is to say, since this year the macro-control, although bank credit has been in the process of shrinking, and domestic bank credit contraction did not have much influence on the real estate industry investment growth, on the other hand, the domestic bank credit growth in the real estate industry is still said to the trend of rapid expansion, so that the domestic real estate industry in bank credit growth is higher than in 2005, more than double this year; Also, because of the domestic bank credit tightening, in order to circumvent the domestic bank credit risk of austerity, the domestic real estate industry financing channel is through the introduction of foreign capital to break the domestic bank credit contraction, so as to make the domestic real estate market this year the proportion of foreign capital utilization into several times of growth. That is to say, the 171 ban on foreign investment in files haven't really in place to implement. And a large amount of foreign capital into the domestic real estate, not only weakens the effect of macro-control on the real estate market, and let the foreign funds a lot to enhance the appreciation of the renminbi is expected. At the same time, the deposit and deposit become negative growth illustrates the personal housing began to rational, people desire to housing consumption and housing investment weaken. These phenomena, as many people in the claim, the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control is to make the domestic prices, if house prices fall, so is the macroeconomic regulation and control, failure will cause our society economic disaster. I am not sure for such language. I believe to promote domestic prices should not be the central real estate policy goals. But, there is a problem must be understand. If the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control of the government is to stabilise property prices, Replica Ferragamo Belt so, it is the price of the real estate market a recessive guarantee. That can only be the domestic real estate market prices and not fall. In fact, if this is a logical, the domestic real estate market macro its price is difficult to make a downward adjustment. Because, in a market economy, the change of housing prices should be determined by market supply and demand rather than by the government's policy to stabilize. Otherwise, government policies to stabilize the market price of an industry product, Replica Gucci Belts so is the government with its own credit in the market price of the product guarantee. Because, in the form of policies to stabilize prices, will make the market participants believe that the price of the product can only within such stable prices, if lower than this price stability, the government will intervene to prop up then. In recent years the domestic real estate market prices rising, why the more control the more although many reasons, but one of the reasons related to the government's recessive guarantee. Especially when we put the housing as an investment, if the government recessive guarantee housing prices, then investors will be ferociously for entering the real estate market. Especially when the investors can the bank financial leverage, more will not risk investors to enter the real estate market. Because investors into the market, made money is your own, if lost, with the government to guarantee, the loss will make country. For example, the early years of the domestic stock market, when many investors were big in the benefits, never they can for it, because the government's policy, but when the investor losses, they will put the personal responsibility of losses from the government's policy. At the same time, when the government's policy on the real estate market price as a recessive guarantee, which not only makes a lot of domestic investors to enter the real estate market, the domestic big cities and that's a lot of a person to buy a few houses, let domestic bank is bullish on the real estate industry, make a lot of credit funds to enter the domestic real estate market, but also make foreign investors have also entered or to the domestic real estate market. Foreigners in Gucci real estate speculation, had earlier ban on foreign investment in domestic property clearly no. 171 document, but still rules regulations, foreign capital is still through a variety of ways to enter the domestic real estate market. Because, for foreign investors, they enter the domestic real estate market not only see the buy renminbi assets get the appreciation of the renminbi, also saw the domestic real estate market by the government's recessive guarantee, there wasn't much risk into the market. This is from the national bureau of statistics data of a large number of foreign capital into the domestic real estate market. This is at present a lot of foreign fund is in the cause of the real estate market speculation. After this year, in short, the real estate macroeconomic regulation and control, many parts of the country the more control the mo re prices rise rapidly, which may have many causes, but the government's policy on the domestic real estate market price of recessive guarantee is an important factor.
Because, in a healthy market, prices of the goods can be to market supply and demand to determine, but when the price of a commodity is through the government's policy to stabilize, also is the price for this commodity is under a policy of the implicit guarantee. Gucci Belt as an investment, if the price is the guarantee of the stability in policy, so its price is rising and will not fluctuate! Because of my title listed in the article is too long, can't put here, so I let sina exclusive manner in sina published, please note. Just put a small article here today. Recently, the ministry of construction, development and reform commission, the state administration for industry and commerce jointly issued a circular, the commodity house opens to booking a licensing, dynamic regulation of activity (pin) in advance sales of commercial houses aspects such as strengthening management, to further standardize order in the real estate transaction. Notice to the housing presale license terms and way, housing pre-sale information disclosure and regulation, housing to open to booking a contract format, responsibilities and rights, pre-sale housing intermediary institutions and advertising to the rules and expression. This to improve the domestic housing presale system is meaningful. But the domestic housing presale system problem? What disadvantages? Is only for these changes are not enough. As I write the article points out many times, what is the most fundamental domestic housing presale system? Is it only is a kind of unilateral risk sharing system.