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To say the specific circumstances, luneng club high-level attaches great importance to football culture construction, and the regional culture on behalf of the Beijing guoan football, mainly from bottom to top. On November 1, the national security after winning the next day, I went to the hospital to visit father. My roommates lie home, an old man long feeling, just turn on the TV to point to a care, watch BTV6 sports news. Another patients admitted to hospital for more than twenty years, at the beginning with eye disease, then all the more serious, until completely blind. With the aid of a transistor radio, all know what's going on in the world, speaking of the national security waiting for 16 years, is about TV playback guoan won the battle of the video... .

In fact, he could not see the national security and the exciting green, not as lucky as workers stadium crazy shout fans in the stands, but his heart is the national security. Often hear workers stadium stands the avalanche miraculously shouted security come on national security win, I often think, if another company to make the Beijing football, Replica Ferragamo Belt football fans in other enterprise name chanting & times; & times; come on & times; & times; win, will be what kind of scene? Just the different name? I asked rhonin, and of course he TingBuDe in Beijing's professional league shout out any other name, not to say that only the security can make Beijing football, but because of who I am more than a decade into, can't flow the emotion. It is said that this year the Replica Belt super league title is the most difficult to take, there are thre http://www.wrdefenderfootball.com/ e teams in the championship until (till) the final round. In fact, the championship trophy, and a gold medal in the market also is very difficult. Guoan regression stadium this year, 15 home fans about 500000 person-time, averaging more than 30000 people, 16 seasons of professional league, don't have any club can have such a high number. This is a champion team of the most important social basis. Among them, both the club in the business development efforts, Beijing fans spontaneous an Cheap Ferragamo Belts d become more complex. Republic of Cheap Belts 60 years of sports history, the eyes of most beijingers, whether the world series, or the Olympic Games, see more. But can slump in Cheap Belts's football team with his loving companion, with a - love you, love you too support security for the first forever, until the complex condensation in joy lawn that surface green flag and banner, it also embodies a kind of football culture? This year, the national security is the fair competition points behind, too much too heavy fines can't all blame punishment player, the club's education and fans culture needs to be strengthened. Last game I haven't sat down on a box, especially to the ordinary the bleachers with the fans to share joy, but around young children join mandarin slang with sharp girl, really ear-piercing screech. Wish stadium next year would put an end to innovation laser pointer, less wisecracks and more football culture.

Can have friends asked the national security next year's championship, I thought, what's more refers to the number of cumulative, champion wants be particular about quality, gold market also wants be particular about quality. For a month, http://www.adagenciesinaction.org/ although a lot of worthy of memory and thinking things happened, but the loss of my mother make my heart hurt, centerless write something completely. Thank those who accompany me, help me to calm down from the grief of the man, with my colleagues and a lot of friends, thank you! Mother while was living in http://www.seexinjiang.com/ education, for industry, when more than 20 years middle school mathematics teachers, taught Japanese friends saionji male, one son, taught the son of king norodom sihanouk of Cambodia. My good friend BiXiDong talk about reading in two 35 for many times, Mr. Li strictly coaching voice floated in his math class. Mother long life, walk very serene, there is no pain, let the children don't have to blame yourself. But that night, write down the following a tear, http://www.levriersetcieentreamis.com/ I spent a night. To see off people say this photo show a mother's personality fully, it's a pity that I didn't can take some more for my mother. Off after the mother, and she is emergency patients, has been admitted to the CCU care unit, scared around the relatives and friends, worry I won't be over, after all, a smell of panic heart attack is special nouns. Maybe this time mood hit hasn't recovered, perhaps didn't adjusted body fatigue, god used a special way to suggest, le http://www.y-sharing.com/gucci/replica-gucci-belts/ arn to rest, to make life continue. People ah, life is mother to give, don't be sorry mother things forever. To update my blog. Eulogy parent lee's new taboo (ai), early go to study, good performance, because the tuition was tight and may not study, it is a pity. Teaching after 25 years, a successful career.