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Why whenever a land expropriation compensation, and divorce phenomenon occurs? Even to marry mother-in-law son-in-law? In most areas of social life, we have products and services generated by market transactions. And the products on the market for its own value pricing standard, factory will never to the demand of domestic number for pricing standard: it would never because there are five people in your home is in a more cheap price sell to you, also won't because you additional send you a divorce. Perhaps manufacturers will be thought of as a family number in the sales promotion for the pricing unit, but this is a small probability event, negligible. However, not all of the items generated by market transactions. In modern society, there are some items are government redistribution of welfare, http://www.freepokerphotossite.com/ welfare is often only to certain people, and family background is a very important factor: if the total annual family income of government regulations, the bottom line of the family can get the minimum life guarantee system such as, affordable housing and low-rent housing and so on. In other words, the products on the market is trading, while welfare depends on the buyer's family background, family as the unit of measurement. If as the standard for judgment, Gucci Belt Cheap then is more similar to Gucci Belt's current expropriation compensat Replica Gucci Belts ion and http://www.wrdefenderfootball.com/ a welfare distribution, rather than the expropriation compensation, if be the expropriation compensation, so every family owned property is fixed, not for the number distribution basis. But the concept of the judgment seemed to and the vast majority of people do not meet, also does not conform and the rule of law: whether the constitution or the law, we stipulate the farmland property collectively owned by peasants, farmers' welfare is how is it possible? Therefore, it is necessary for us to understand Gucci Belt's farmland system. Farmland, in my opinion, is to the farmers, rather than property, as a kind of basic security from the government. The benefits of modern society has two basic characteristics: first, it is just to provide the lowest guarantee to maintain the basic life problem in society; Second, the benefits are closely connected with the identity, non-transferable and inheritance. Welfare and property is similar on the surface, and finally can be in the form of currency, but the property may be transferred, you can rent, can also be inherited; But the benefits are associated with the identity of the specific subject, cannot be traded in the market. Collectively owned land is like that. First of all, in the present Gucci Belt, the collective or the collective of farmers engaged in agricultural income gained by the lower than the social average level, can only maintain the basic living needs. To this, many scholars admit farmland have played an important role in social security. At the same time, the land compensation standards also indirectly admitted it. Such as land management law stipulated in article 47 land, according to the original purposes of the land expropriation compensation, at the same time also provides the land compensation fees and resettlement fees is not made to be resettled farmers to keep the original life level... can increase the resettlement fees . This means that the land compensation is to Replica Ferragamo Belt belong to a kind of farmers' living costs compensation was imposed, rather than the value of the land compensation. And the cost of this kind of life, is provided by land. Second, http://www.y-sharing.com/gucci/replica-gucci-belts/ members of the collective for farmland enjoyed by income has strict identity restriction, and can't inherit and transfer. Farmland income can only be attributed to the members of the collective economic organizations, and once the members from its collective, will not be able to enjoy. At the same time, the inside of the collective members also couldn't get its due to the identity of usufruct transfer to other subjects, this identity cannot inherit to collective children inside. So the identity of the limit is more similar to welfare, and has nothing to do with the property. Property may be free exchange in the market, but not of farmland, while according to the land management law, rural land contract law and other laws and regulations, the collective economic organizations outside can be contracted by direct or the transfer of the right to the contracted management of land right to the contracted management of rural land, but both collective organization and its members are not on the final disposition of farmland. If we compare the property law article 39 all rights of ownership, that is more clear: general owner of his own realty or chattel, in accordance with the law is entitled to possess, utilize, profit from and dispose of the right, but for land owners, although it occupies land, but not the maximum profit, its revenue is attributed to a particular member, cannot be transferred; And can't be collective economic organiz http://www.y-sharing.com/ ations within the statutory successors inheritance, more unable to dispose of. Covering such benefits, more is granted by the state to a kind of welfare for farmers, and collective and all members of the collective property. It is so, once has the phenomenon of land expropriation, the final compensation judgment is often a family. Divorce has become, rational choice is took a fancy to this point. A family of four people, if both sides of husband and wife divorce, so it becomes two families, they can get double compensation. So, is it possible to change this phenomenon? In my opinion it is very difficult.