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Have differences is normal, there are some people who stand on the position of some simple and evaluation of guo's film is not as serious as positive energy, money worship tendency, but personally I think actually is not that serious. Objectively speaking little times or more positive energy, it is the content of the inside is describing the sisterhood, encourage everyone to struggle together, to strive for a bright future, the overall theme or positive. As mass culture, its positive significance to spread positive energy is greater than it had been accused of negative energy.

In fact we can't say like you from the stars, the south Korean TV series, compared with the small times guo who in what way better than who, also can only say that each has its own characteristics. But it reflects our attitude to some local brands, often is the contempt, think their level is low. To the young popular local brand culture products seriously enough. We all know that guo's small times series, created more than eight hundred million film, even if is such a high box office, did not try hard enough to cause our attention. And a popular Korean dramas, Fake Gucci Belts we think the somebody else is in the cultural invasion, it would be a bit nervous. http://www.denversindicate.com/ Is hard to ignore, watching Korean dramas from content is suitable for the youth culture and taste of cultural products, it is a part of popular culture, popular culture, popular culture, popular culture, so when it is play the influence, caused much echo is understandable.

For command the attention of the audience, the entertainment is the significance of its existence. So instead of constantly explore the popularity of Korean dramas should be controlled, in fact, we should be more focus on local popular culture construction, enhance the vitality of local mass culture, we try to local mass culture in the future the basis of going out to provide more support, I think these aspects is that we need to pay more efforts. Reporter: Korean hot attracted experts and scholars have said the values of young people have not yet fully established, this is a very big impact on the traditional culture, whether or not you agree with this view? : I think that is excessive. Teenagers all over the world, of course, in the pursuit of some new and fashionable culture Fake Gucci Belt . We have just said there is not much negative energy in han d Replica Hermes Belt rama, overall theme or positive. Traditional culture need to learn, of course, but in order to be able to better spread of traditional culture, also need to look for a youth, fashion, beautiful beautiful, can spread as are very popular among teenagers,

at present in the ways we do not go far enough. Here what I call the way is not simple to promote traditional culture, film and television play, for example, I think we should writers in adjusting the plot content to adapt to the teena Gucci Belt Replica gers at the same time, work more historical and cultural accumulation, or the relevant knowledge of traditional culture. Korean dramas at this point is in place, but actually we also have a similar brand. Korean dramas, for example, are you from the stars is a series of male leading role from ancient to modern stories. But the palace lock heart jade comes from the modern through to the ancient story. So can't say we didn't the native cultural brand. http://www.denvercobusiness.com/ Some excessive claims are some of our older people, Cheap Hermes Belts due to the lack of the understanding of youth culture, lack of in-depth, produced some of the misunderstanding. Reporter: in recent years we also open the traditional culture of some promotional programs, such as Gucci Belt characters dictation conference, what do you think of these programs to help the traditional culture propaganda? : of course, these are very positive, we need to have a variety of forms,

Gucci Belt culture should be a traditional way to read and an introduction to classical, also needs to have some light entertainment shows, in the form of variety shows. Gucci Belt characters dictation conference the show is in athletic talent type for the transmission of cultural knowledge. Now we are seriously start to forget words and understanding of Gucci Belt characters is not thorough, through this program, not only provides the audience with interesting, will also spread knowledge of Gucci Belt characters is blended in among them. I feel like this show is very positive, both the ratings, the value of knowledge and culture. But apparently this program is only short-term, do not have long-term sex. So in the long run, we will keep on two legs, on the one hand is to let the traditional culture of activation, because in today's society developing if want to let the traditional culture as far as possible to play the positive role, you need a popular, able to communicate fake gucci belt with the public especially with young people. On the other hand, we also want to continue to do the foundational work, such as research, inheritance, these aspects are not bound to relax. Is simply to traditional culture popularization and make the public can more and more easy to understand, to take the form of popular culture, popular culture to spread different positive positive energy. The spread of traditional culture cannot be achieved overnight, of course, it must be a long process, can't entertain wild hope suddenly pass all of the traditional classical culture, and learning in the process of the traditional culture will also through the process of take the essence to the dregs.