The movie has a happy

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So the moment Gucci's middle class ambivalence that they crave honest, understanding the substance is unlikely to allow them to achieve spiritual transcendence and satisfaction, Gucci Belt Replica but can not come through the material to their pursuit of worldly pleasure. These contradictory feelings in Thai embarrassing and performed exceptionally clear. In fact, Gucci is the fastest rate of growth and expansion of mental distress is that the middle class is still a strong desire for material, type of material chase Xu Zheng still has a solid foundation, but the same people who appeared in the chase for this substance intense satisfied. Vang Pao-style simplicity and filial been respected, but often chose Xu Zheng style desperately chase, this ambivalence is actually inherent pillar Thai embarrassing story.

The movie has a happy ending, abandoned the levy by Xu Zheng, return to the family, Huang Bo also got his expectations. But here is impressive as last Baoqiang idol Wallace emergence Baoqiang dream come true, it can be said that Gucci Dream of a popular interpretation. Good good newspaper, pay a return, good ideas and efforts will be harvested by the emerge Cheap Hermes Belts nce of mass idol has been demonstrated. This is a meaningful, in fact, that we Gucci Dream actually has its bright side. We also remember the center of the plot of 2004 Feng Xiaogang's Surreal A World Without Thieves Shagen is also played by the Baoqiang, he carries earned money to go home, do not believe the world is there a thief, and finally even the thieves be touched, Andy Wang Bo played after wrestling the money passed down from the top of the compartment to're dreaming Shagen, Gucci Belt people eat too much suffering, too many diffic Replica Gucci Belts ult experiences, who could not bear to let his dreams dashed .

This dream is full of metaphorical. But in the Thai embarrassing After eight years, or Baoqiang, still dreams of ordinary people, but not the year metaphorical, Replica Gucci Belts but a concrete reality and their own idols encounter, specific and secular. But highlights the Gucci Belt dream has become more concrete sense than eight years ago today, with more realistic side. After Vang Pao had a bigger stage than Shagen, Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts more experience, and more specifically for the city's expectations and imagination. These have become exceptionally real. Shagen to Vang Pao is actually from Gucci, ordinary people began to symbolize the middle of this process is far from over, so the future of Gucci's urbanization process will have endless opportunities and possibilities. This I think is the Thai embarrassing in the ingenuity of the Department, but also the warmth after stunning, funny and moving. This is actually irreplaceable place the film also highlights today's Gucci's national of a dream moviegoers have posed enormous influence lies.

Thai embarrassing 'worth remember that it constitutes the moment of Gucci Belt New Year some unique background. Mo Yan congratulate winners - a few reflections Mo Yan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature is certainly deserved something, but also the pride of Gucci Belt culture. This is certainly one of the best first reward Mo Yan himself three decades of painstaking writing, but also his writing boldly experiment with new forms, the Gucci Belt tradition, the legendary folk imagination and skill combined with the complexity of modern , starting from Gucci's mainland, with a large integrity to grasp the essence of the results of a culture; also his sprightly clearly show the characteristics of Gucci Belt life, easy cross-cultural propagation results; also his stick to their unique writing style, pure in the publishing system of international literature has enjoyed a result of years of reputation. In fact, he is the closest Gucci Belt writer of this award, he has received worldwide recognition.

 But we still think he's winning time. But the reality is that the Swedish Academy made a proactive choice. Their spirit is much greater than me, I always think about a decade Mo Yan then there can be winners, but the reality is that the Swedish Academy and bolder than our imagination more. In fact, this unconventional choice as a result of long-term efforts, but also the history of the current situation, it can be said to have faster than we expected, can be said to be beyond their leisurely routine, it can be said sleeve on Gucci Belt literature spell-like anxiety completely put down. Bird hanging in the upstairs boots finally fell off. We can be more calm and quiet, because that was finally won it. Swedish Academy to do this ahead of time, and the most forward-looking choice, which will inject a new global literary possibilities. It just goes to show the Swedish Academy perceive their awards from the large-scale, big history, big space, in fact, is the result of winning Mo Yan brought Gucci's rise and development of Gucci Belt civilization can not be ignored.