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This situation continued will bring new problems. But in recent years, the youth favorite of popular culture, though still some deficiencies and defects, but still played a positive role and effect, we need to consider. There are young people love this some of the film and television works, emotional drama, such as brokenhearted 33 days, previous such a comedy, palace this drama and so on. Also has the TV show, like if you are the one emotional variety show or day day up the knowledge of interesting programs and so on. These works both in the TV media dissemination, but also through the network of new media is the rapid growth of video resources spread quickly. These works and columns were all the rage, for are very popular among young people. Although they still exist shortcomings and defects, also seem to be superficial and lack of depth, but first it's attitude has been very positive for real and positive, these works are expressed by the struggle to realize self-worth and resolve its crisis and attitude; Is to accept the challenge of positive in the face of their own health and the practical state of mind. Second, the works or section after 80 young people are actively explore for favorite new forms and new methods, to make they can accept in the relaxed state of leisure entertainment positive value, so as to improve their ability to face life and ability to adapt to society. Today some people often say that works is the so-called healing. Is refers to by a bright, healthy exert a subtle influence on transmission of values, make young people in the various problems in the reality of a resolving and understanding. Present the works or section, of course, and also may not be able to adapt to social demands, Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts there are also many can improve space, but they are in promotion of youth happiness, so as to improve their identity has positive significance for society, it is also undeniable. Therefore, mass culture has its limitations, but its for the young state of mind and do not underestimate the positive effect of life, for they are more resilient to social problems has its positive significance. These also need to give full understanding of the society. Facts and global experience has proved that as long as to avoid the sleazy, excessive defects such as entertainment, popular culture can play a positive role for youth. We are often troubled with our many positive value also has some limitations and problems in the spread. Attaches great importance to the mass culture in the positive role of promote the youth's social identity, the objective function and the influence of mass culture do, seeking truth from facts, but the spread of the positive value of the society has its positive role. Recently, t Replica Gucci Belts he national education significance for the development of the society, the national education has caused the social attention. National education actually has two both related and different connotation. First of all, the national education refers to our basic education in modern education system. According to the example: generally refers to a government-run primary and secondary schools, also including preschool education, adult education, vocational education. In fact in the use of conventional people, also contains the university education. This refers to the system and the education of architecture. Second, it is also a modern nations for their own national identity and national education. This refers to the education content. Have the meanings of the two different points in common, because it contains in the basic education for the education of national identity, national identity and to know the state of the education is also an indispensable component of the whole education important. Recently about national education the discussion is mainly focused on the content of the education, namely for what we call the second meaning of the discussion. In fact, the construction of modern country, national education has played a key role. Modern nations and have a fundamental difference between the traditional society. According to t he scholar young-tsu wong concise: countries toward the sides of rooted in chamber, pursuing the stretch of a surname, rather of the nation rooted in the people, asks the national glory. Is the countries of the traditional society, and is of the modern society. Modern society is the key unit of the legitimacy of the modern state comes from the people, and the national education is necessary to cultivate modern citizens. National identity is the basic elements of modern nation states, without a society or country for the nation's basic identity is impossible to have healthy development path, it is generally accepted that. Is established by the identity of the basis of the modern state. So anything in the modern society is permeated with the national education in sch ools and colleges and in daily life are also the content of the national education, it is the inevitable choice of modern society, in any case, almost without controversy. In many ways the national education of course content. There are two of the most important: one is for the formation of national identity, this is the basic requirements of modern national. A society without identity also is impossible to have cohesive force, it is impossible to development and success in the process of modernization. This is a global money. Exist in the world, have different interests between nations, will have the Angle and position of different countries to the world; Of course there is cooperation between countries and friendly, also hard to avoid competition and differences. All of these in a long historical stage. National for the consistency of the national identity is the important precondition for national development. This of course could not interfere with the national social discussion. National for the formation of national identity need for the common feelings of the Hermes Belt nation's profound awareness and for the establishment of the identity of the Hermes Belt people. No such deep to the establishment of national feelings on the ownership of the inner, one wouldn't have had the development of society, it is impossibl Fake Gucci Belt e to deal with challenges. The second is for the understanding and cognition of the state of the union. For the nation's history and culture, including for the development of the national awareness of reality and the future. Good understanding in modern Hermes Belt history in the difficult struggle of reform and opening up 30 years of development, understand the reality of Gucci Belt today, objectively to see Gucci Belt's position in the world, understand the national development and prospect of the future. This can avoid self-pity, also can avoid boast himself. On the one hand, understanding social achievements and state for the meaning of the individual, on the other hand also recognize that the rights for the responsibility of the state and individual. For the current Hermes Belt society, increase of national identity and cohesion of traditional national education is still very important, Gucci Belt has a unique history, the creation of the Hermes Belt nation of the ancient and the history of Hermes Belt civilization is an important content of national education. Since modern times Hermes Belt nation has experienced one hundred years a serious challenge, in the struggle for national independence and prosperity of the many sacrifices and cost on the road. The development of modern Hermes Belt national and tenacious struggle history is the important part of Hermes Belt contemporary history view. In today in urgent need of condensed history consensus, let citizens to have profound understanding of their countries. Now the development of globalization also make some people ignore their ethnic identity, this aspect of education is very necessary. At the same time, out of the Hermes Belt society from the planned economy era, the citizen education such Cheap Hermes Belts as policy participation, social decision-making democratization of education and the cultivation of the ability of public policy discussions, Replica Hermes Belt etc., are new things in Gucci Belt, these weaknesses really needs to be strengthened. At present, we should strengthen citizen education content, also want to maintain and strengthen the tradition of national education.