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These two aspects are very important. Stress only one aspect, it is not appropriate. Especially for for in today's global environment 80, 90, Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts after growing up, their vision on the one hand, on the other hand there are receiving information is not comprehensive, for the national conditions and national development, the deep understanding of the history of to the world of scanty knowledge and lack of variety of frame of reference. The need for national education is indisputable. National education is not just a one-way infusion process, in the process of national education should avoid to give up the responsibilities of education, ignoring the importance of national education, but also must want to avoid the old way of preaching, should it into interactive participation, allowed to explore, Cheap Gucci Belts lively form. At the same time attaches great importance to the mass culture and network-centric role in the spread of new media. Popular culture and new media in shaping after 80, 90 after the national identity is of great significance. This is my important research object, the national education should not only serious way, also can have a relaxed and lively, let the audience happy, both remain resolutely safeguard of Hermes Belt social core values, and keep elasticity, gradually adapt to the young man's imagination and creativity, make it easier for the national education accepted by young people. In order to better promote the development of the society. Comment on: angry birds why global phenomenon March 6 free net desire - liberation daily & # 9679; Host: our reporter Gong Dan rhyme & # 9679; Guest: (Hermes Belt department professor) & # 9679; The single-player game, reflects the self feeling, also someone as cure them. From this perspective, and games, mass culture also has a positive force. The & # 9679; The development of the network also gradually rationalization, fresh one in the past, is less likely to rely on. Human traditional culture attractive thing, will always be attractive. Liberation view: little game angry birds (weibo) is all over the world, in the angry birds has been, for a moment said something unearthed cultural relics was angry bird, said to build angry birds theme park for a while. In addition, like angry birds video, angry bird jokes, nu music, etc., are extending continuously in the mass culture. There is little game similar to this cut fruit, etc., almost love for both young and old. Why the world people are so like this class is a bit brain-dead vent game? : angry birds some design related to our childhood memories, such as the slingshot, is nostalgic psychology of childhood. Many of these games selling points are to return to childhood, there is no reason and truth to tell. Everyone have similar desires, childhood seems to be that is human nature. With material life is getting better and better, the youth is more and more long, modern people's childhood and young adulthood has been extended, delayed the people independent process. The middle school, high school graduation, seventeen or eighteen will work. Now university undergraduate course graduation, master and PhD, 25, after entering the society is not surprising. Youth greatly increases the time at school, are not independent, so many young people have a lot of children's characteristics. From this level, may be in addition to a few areas, people all over the world to survive in this age is not difficult, so the phenomenon of adults, children more and more, more and more long retains the nature of childhood. Moreover, no food and clothing problem, but life is still quite serious challenges. Graduated from college students, found that high house prices, the price is high, and in the workplace, total feel his own value underestimated, short of expectations. 1 million yuan to buy a big house, he was only 500000 yuan, when prices rise to millions, he even struggle to nt, still can't afford it, always catch the reality. Common anxiety, this kind of depression and stress is often the case with the middle class. So as the decompression effect, violence, has become the most convenient way of venting depressed. It is a little small violence, can let the heart of anguish to anger, but harmless, after all, most people in yours haven't reached the extreme, the game of anger is just right. Liberation view: someone says, the base play culture, it is the spirit of contemporary young people. Wulitou, joke, etc., can always pop up easily. This is necessity of postmodern culture go today? : since modernization, people all over the world have a common question: who are afraid to offend. In any organization, have become cautious and depressive, easy psychological imbalance. And these little game, simplify and simple life, in the game, as long as after some efforts, will be able to quickly reach the goal, not like in the real world is so complicated, there are too many puzzling uncontrollable factors. Game is controllable, and can steadily upgrade, to obtain personal satisfaction. More and more serious niche, is inevitable. Because the young man's socialization process slow, to adapt to the society more and more late, plus some young people don't work hard can maintain basic life, life is out, they are not too interested in serious thinking is, more are self problem. Self, for example, young people feel unhappy, love life does not meet, eager to interaction and true feelings, but in reality and not contacts, afraid of exchanges. Their upbringing, determines the lack of profound experience. But in the range of another phenomenon is that the elite culture has been in small range and stable development. Such as douban (weibo) reviews and book reviews, netizens watch works, evaluation content, is very elegant. In our life there are many different niche, have to take care of the bear, have to take care of the dog. The development of popular trend, profound culture space is enough. In the Internet age, no matter what you like to study, there are many resources can provide. Environmental protection, create, or have a place. Overall, the person's knowledge must be much more broadly than in the past, illiteracy rates are low, take three minutes to baidu, can make the yuan dynasty said to resemble a immediately. Technology way of life, leave the depth to professionals, Volkswagen only efficient to misappropriate results. No matter what person, can pull a little squalid, qu yuan, li bai and so on all is the basic common sense. In the 100 years ago, only a handful of elite will understand, will say. The culture of the whole human mind, as it were, in fact is improved. Just after knowledge infinitely, walking in the deep desire to weaken, not coherent thinking, divergent is very strong, become complanation, but not necessarily superficial. Liberation view: so, little game more accorded with the culture of this era thinking instead? : these games another advantage is that it makes no sense. Players themselves, don't feel meaning, can temporarily forget many troubles. The game's setbacks can overcome immediately, instead of the meet of victory. And it is difficult to overcome the obstacles in reality. So the mind empty, what all don't want to, just take a kitchen knife in the game and fruit, with a slingshot play goal, happy moment. Once don't play, however, fall back to reality, from the game and get into more empty, seems to be a day did nothing, goofs off waste away, was more frustrated and anxious. These young people indulge game, self closed and escape, and desire to love and win, the result more thirst for more autistic, contradiction, into the cycle of very depressed. The single-player game, after all, reflects the self feeling, Gucci Belt Replica let yourself get released. Young people's sense of social groups is weak, the space of self is big enough, the house may be small, but the illicit close sex is very strong. Can live in your own little world, self, sensitive, delicate, slightly neurotic, even hysteria. The trauma and uneasiness, need a cure. Also somebody put some little game to cure. From this perspective, and games, mass culture also has a positive force. The fundamental problem, however, is not a small game can get big popular, or is it brain or base to play. The funda Fake Gucci Belt mental problem is that contemporary problems appeared on the psychological and social group, is a series of comprehensive problems with each other: adult delay, 30 s who still like a child, is not independent, real big frustration, anxiety and unrest, the emotion is lack, interpersonal virtualization, and so on. When the material is hard to improve young people's satisfaction, relying on improved spirit, spirit and deep thinking, for some people, less than simple game as effective. Finally become rely on birds to improve satisfaction, this kind of situation is global. Of course, Fake Gucci Belt the development of the network also gradually rationalization, a novelty in the past, is less likely to rely on.