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A rational rather than emotional society, calmly, not impatient society actually actually can progress faster, and more stable. Small shenyang cyclone enlightenment gala this year's most high-profile role seems to be a little shenyang. His true through gala became a household name, quickly become the focus of the society. Formed in the course of the Internet and print media buzz, and his way of image and language also became the imitation and appropriation of resources. Xiao shenyang in this economy facing challenges during the Spring Festival has become the happy prove, already become the most popular television and performance market figures, of course also caused the lights and the discussion of differences of opinion. The small shenyang cyclone there is no attenuation trend, but also reflects some of the aspects of the social and cultural changes, is worth reflection and discussion. Little shenyang fame, of course, or Spring Festival gala this platform in 26 years of development the enormous influence of proof. After 26 years of development, although there are opinions vary, but gala still is highly influential and undisputed. On the gala stage success still has a considerable effect, people often say shenyang is overnight success, it can't be said he had no accumulation, as long as have this stage can become famous, but said no this platform, is really a special skills, Cheap Hermes Belts and are difficult to be the audience an opportunity to learn Louis Vuitton Belts and global audience.

This shows gala with the cultural effect is still an important and irreplaceable, while this year's Spring Festival gala trying to find the past gala interactive and lively artistically section purpose efforts also won social recognition. Spring Festival gala is still the greatest common divisor of social life, is still a big festival eve the new folk. In this stage is a great opportunity and test, and success in this arena, means that one of the world's biggest audience. It is in little shenyang has once again proven here. The success of the little shenyang actually means marked by zhao benshan also come from the northeast legend culture is still in the continuation and development. This since the 1990 s developed the unique phenomenon of the gala stage, Cheap Louis Vuitton Belts in recent years has continued to expand and extend. Here, northeast errenzhuan culture on the one hand, through the liu laogen stage and other venues successfully maintain and develop its own cultural characteristics and traditional skills, but also retain the direct, face-to-face inter Louis Vuitton Belt Cheap action between it and the audience. Through sketch comedy, drama, etc, on the other hand, form the men in terms of talent cultivation by the broader development space, makes the men beyond their own regional development in the new form. In the form, no longer exist in the traditional way, but its many important basic elements through efforts such as writers, directors and actors, permeate into other forms of art. This is both a traditional farming era circulated by the continuation of cultural forms, is new to the development of cultural industry. Can say, the men is no longer merely the northeast is a traditional folk art, and has been converted into a nationwide influence and through various media such as television, network radiation unique culture industry resources.