Later saw some cartoons

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Later saw some cartoons, there is a very deep impression on me is about an old man selling sugar, holding sugar to attract the attention of Little Red Guards, singing a sugar children sweet, sugar children incense, the songs to attract child. But his aim is to use sugar to corrosion Little Red Guards, wanted to give the children tell ghost stories, but was immediately alert the Little Red Guards seized and turned over to the police station. Discovered that he was a class enemy. Finally, the children sing Sweet Sugar children, sugar children incense, the old man put poison put sell sugar ...... Little Red Guards finally beat the bad guys and a keen awareness. Another Banyejijiao puppet piece is famous. This story older ones who will have a profound impression. Zhou Papi chicken landlord called midnight learn more work to make long-term employment, the results of long-term workers make smart thief beat him as the story gained, for many years has been a primary school textbook lesson, I do not know whether today also selected in the textbooks. That puppet piece is very interesting, a bit of wisdom, ingenuity Avanti style. These stories are put up something of my childhood memories, their traces are difficult to be easily erased. These stories are often included themes related to the f ight against the enemy and one for everyday enjoyment and consumption of alert. Sell sugar as the old man's story, is to tell the enemy's dangerous around children almost everywhere. By the mid-seventies, my age a little big, and found another treasure is the provincial militias are publishing the story was out a lot. These stories are all about comic militia fighting the enemy with wisdom stories do not seem to have wit. These stories are like devils take a watermelon to eat a happy devils completely forgotten alert the militia were killed in the class. The enemy here is that although there is a huge war machine, but can not control their low desires, while the militia is full of wisdom and reason. This will be the story of the struggle for the struggle against the enemy transformed an intellectual and difficult to control their low desires between enemies, when the subject of numerous comic books and animation. This shows that the revolutionaries are highly rational, and the enemy's weakness is that they are also full of low taste difficult to control. This is precisely the key to winning. Today, these ideas seem to be very interesting. As Replica Belt changes, I also bid farewell to childhood and youth. Passage of time, those distinctive animation and comic books have also sunk to the depths of history, forgotten. . After the re-animation has been in recent contact with have their own child, and now it seems Replica Belt's animation or Disney's difficult and class competition, because we too late to enter this context today. My child three years old, but he is like watching Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story and the like. This of course is do we get into this environment, creative also jerky sake. This really makes the inside of the vicissitudes of emotion. From the housing to pork: market failure to see the c omplexity of the recent commentary in the very popular argument is that market failure. We seem to housing small to large beef noodle soup in many areas have experienced a market failure phenomenon, caused by a multi-party concerns and criticism. So some commentators have strongly requested the Government to intervene in all aspects of the market for strong intervention. Sincere heart some point, of course, is commendable, but it seems not very feasible, such as per capita allocation of housing proposed opinions, is a very interesting example. There are two arguments are very popular: First, the more important in the field, the more it seems that the market failure. Second, some people tend to think that market failure is difficult to correct the norm, it seems that needs to be replaced with the past plan.