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As the saying goes, no early, without the chiefs to demote, has its own reason - this one after demotion CV along with performance was submitted, chiefs has became the model of city and even the whole. With such a glorious history, since the rise in the future. According to the current model competition rules, as a special worker, is eligible to participate in the selection of leading cadres, just proportion is too small. Federation of trade unions in henan province in recent years in various PingXian evaluation modeling activities, emphasize to the front-line workers, farmers, tilt, enterprise's head and leading cadres of the selection of the total ratio from 30% to 6% now, competition is so fierce, chiefs inwardly, and achievements together with other people it's not a confidence, then down the leadership positions in succession, fake ferragamo belt becomes a line worker. On the face it, chiefs are confident, officialdom career for a long time to make them understand substitute stealthily, allow it to just a piece of cake. As for the appraisal in the process of democratic recommendation, the public and other necessary procedures, under the control of chiefs are just going through the motions, even if have opinions, and who dare to abandon their jobs, and to touch the chiefs tiger bottom? The selection model is a sunshine project benefit the most ordinary workers, from central to local policies and rules is also a fair and transparent, Ming outwitted rules rules, however, in the corner of the sun is less than a variety of black-box, eventually damage the inevitable is the interests of the workers. And this kind of appraisal rules appear in the selection model is far? Now a lot of people heard that comparison, feel boring, not just the word? This is very bad, if all the rules have become a dead letter, this society is not to mess a mess? On April 4, the lanzhou times ran an article titled dump near children residual limb reported that after the verification of the public security bureau, reported the misrepresentation, the so-called two boiled child arm specimens is produced by the institute of traditional Replica Gucci Belts medicine the human body, be cleaner may be mistaken for life garbage disposal, the lanzhou morning post recently on to write the report of the two journalists will be fired out. As is known to all, is the first life of news authenticity, prohibition and fake news in recent years, has become a big public hazard of the media. Fake news form is roughly three: first, distorted the facts. This kind of news is often innuendo, not through in-depth interview and survey, with only a subjective assumption to that fact, namely dump show children the residual limb is a typical example; Secondly, out of thin air. As the saying goes there is no smoke without fire, some journalists is no wind also play wave - chunlan professional go world championship final last year held in changsha, a lee 2000 words seem to have an interview with was born, after verification, the reporter never with lee met during the game, 2000 - word is purely creative type novels; Third, malicious manufacturing. This sort of news often planned and then after reporters carefully the director and choreographer, finally appear in front of the public - in October 2002, shenyang, liaoning TV station a reporter with the world furniture manufacturing co., LTD., the implementation of the exposure, a dream mattress so-called problem of dirty cotton to actor pretending to be consumers to accept interview, finally make ChengXinWen programmes on TV. What makes journalists into a gossip, novelist and director? The lack of professional ethics and quality of some media practitioners low skills is the main reason, replica salvatore ferragamo belt and the whole society including the me ferragamo belt cheap dia, utilitarian impetuous mentality, certain news unit interior management and operation mechanism of fall behind, lack of social supervision, lack of legal intervention, cheap ferragamo belt the news is on maternity leave provided soil. Therefore, the governance of false news is a systems engineering.