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From within the media industry, ferragamo belt replica the author thinks that, to the eradication of fake news this poison, must start from the management mechanism. First, to establish and improve the responsibility mechanism, cheap salvatore ferragamo belt a fake news is not only to pursue direct involvements, regulators should also bear joint and several liability, so in order to in the industry set up good atmosphere of safeguard their professional ethics. In 2003 the United States the New York times was disclosed manufacture fake news and stolen works of others, the two party journalists resigned, also resigned, the newspaper chief editor and managing editor of the New York times, thus obtain the public understanding. Secondly, in terms of choose and employ persons to establish credit mechanism, for a reporter with falsified records, fake ferragamo belt will never be employed. Will spread fake news to the media audience, the most direct consequence is erected between media and audience a thick wall. Once trust is broken, the cost of recovery will be immeasurable. Journalists who are eager for the stories and even the entire media, should remember the painful lesson of the story to the Wolf. Middlemen at $600 boys, girls, and the price of 700 yuan to the contractor collection agency fees, and then these children of 13 or 14 under the closed-end management of contractor work for up to 15 hours a day, the labor contract and no security, only the lunar February each year can rest, because this day local customs can't move a needle and thread... All like xia yan all bonded laborer's, but it all happened in the 21st century in the contemporary Replica Louis Vuitton Belt, where there is a Replica Gucci Belts box as the capital of hebei province gao beidian Bai Gouzhen. According to the people's political consultative conference newspaper reported on May 15, employing child labor is illegal phenomenon is not unique to field, in some areas and some of the labor-intensive industries showing a growing trend. In the modern international society and civilization, to employ child labor is considered to be backward and barbaric, the provisions of the law countries ban on child Labour. In our country was promulgated on December 1, 2002 implementation of the new regulations banning the use of child labor, the regulation stipulates that is forbidden for any unit of choose and employ persons to employ persons under the age of 16. Various kinds of job-introduction agencies and other units and individuals are forbidden to those under the age of 16 young, children's career. The greed of human nature and the capital market the profit-seeking behavior in any age, any society is difficult to eradicate, so a fair and harmonious society depends on the sound legal system. And employing child labor is illegal behavior on the premise of laws to the problem, in addition to law enforcement is lax and the illegal cost, seems there are other reasons. Bai Gouzhen sixes village township hit the cat was a government staff: we not only consider the interests of the laborers, more to maintain the interests of local bosses, otherwise how can the local economy development. A data shows, Bai Gouzhen luggage industry drive the surrounding counties and cities of more than 50 villages and towns, more than 30, ten thousand people took to the road of the rich, the 2005 field farmers per capita net income of 69 replica ferragamo belt 70 yuan, the basic reached the standard of living of the local urban residents. And Bai Gouzhen production of more than two hundred million cases every year, most from the hand of the migrant workers in henan, jiangxi, hunan etc, including a large number of child labor.