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News reports, will get married after 80 call it sloppy, divorce called the rash. Society of 80 after marriage to have a fashionable word flash marriage, according to the author to see the derogatory sense of the word composition. Have some more appeal to the administrative department and the experts and scholars on the basis of marriage: marriage is not child's play, more is not small, the younger generation to cherish marriage and family. Before their views on this subject, it is necessary to solemnly declare: I was not born in the 80 s, cheap ferragamo belt has nearly 10 years of marriage, although there have been seven year itch, but at present there is no change wife, hope, even if no, would like to be my wife now go hand in hand together to see the day when god's. I mean, this article is standing in an outsider rather than on the objective position of the parties at the so-called flash marriage problems. Flash marriage has become a problem, mainly because it's pursuit of grow old together with the traditional marriage and family stability has a natural conflict of values. Origin and grow old together marriage values rooted in replica ferragamo belt for several thousand years of agricultural society, the society has two distinctive features, first, because the production way of life of the single and inconvenient transportation, the vast majority of people throughout his life is bound in a relatively small area; Second, the male has a dominant economic status, women in the marriage inevitably dependent on men. Agricultural society advocated family stability, therefore, has its helpless objective factors. Grow old together, of course, as to love many ancient and modern, cheap ferragamo belt and foreign literary works, is a very ideal and good feelings, ferragamo belt replica I agree to this. As the change of The Times, agricultural society to industrial society, the urban social transformation, people's life style compared with the great changes have taken place in the past. Mass flow of population to make people when looking for a partner, have more choice space. In the marriage life, most of the young women gained its independence in economy, no longer need to be attached to men. Therefore, the emergence of flash marriage has its necessity of historical development. Connotation is quietly changing marriage in modern society, the function of the traditional family and lived alone was placed in a relatively minor position gradually, the young generation to pay more attention to the happiness of marriage, such as how to live more happy, more quality. In a sense, the more accord with human nature with the opin cheap salvatore ferragamo belts ions about love and marriage is closer to the destination of love. If two people together happy because they don't break up rapidly, cannot say they are reduced to the requirement of marriage, but their inner quality of marriage have higher pursuit, that's not bad. Taking ten thousand steps back, marriage and divorce is a private matter, as long as the flash marriage have no don't feel happy, as long as the flash marriage act did not constitute the harm to society, importunities gossiping on this issue, it is neither necessary, also nothing important meaning. Some people will be the problem with 80 only children spoiled, irresponsible inconvenient after strong pull together, it's more boring, inevitable cause-and-effect relationship does not exist be ferragamo belt cheap tween them. Although I personally don't approve of the marriage to take the attitude of the game, but also do not want to see marriage as the shackles of love. XiMuRong a poem for this article concludes: at a young age, if you fall in love with a person, you must treat him gently, no matter you love how long or short. If you can always treat each other tenderly, then all the moment will be a flawless beauty; If have to separate, also want to say goodbye, thank you also want to himwith gratitude in your heart, he gave you a memory... Shaanxi normal university as one of the six normal universities directly under the ministry of education, started the free normal education pilot work. This year the school regulation: normal professional will have an obligation to the western rural primary and secondary schools to teach new 3 years, attracted all doubts. There are concerns that these students, can set his mind at to teach? Whether there will be three days fishing net on two days? Will check hang in the countryside, his first ran away, free education not waste? Will it produce new education corruption? Such as the way people will always find a way to let the children enjoy free education and don't need religion, nor even when teachers (March 21, cheap ferragamo belt). Free normal education, it seems, this free lunch although looks beautiful, really eat into his mouth, with a little bitter.