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cosmetic surgery in the last two years, the number of government officials is gradually increasing. Many government officials in order to shape the image of a more populist, will choose to do remove eye bags, remove wrinkles, etc. Once the matter is disclosed, attract online bristle. Compare representative viewpoint is: officials of the whole is what kind of capacity? cheap ferragamo belt officials need most is the rectification. Officials need cosmetic surgery? I think this is not a problem, need to discuss if we admit that officials and citizens - any citizen has the right to cosmetic surgery. Don't say officials can facial plastic surgery, even if he want to do surgery, anyone have no right to interfere. A person want to cosmetic surgery, except that he is a fugitive criminals, to escape the public security organs, in addition is nothing but want to be younger, beautiful, and it is not what is bad, officials also has this aspect demand. So, I have no opinion in official cosmetic. I'm more interested in such two problems: first, the officials of the cosmetic FengRi sheng, in addition to the heart of beauty, seems to be some other reasons. Second, the cosmetic also belongs to the high consumption in the present replica ferragamo belt, the point on the official salary silver may be compromised. The ancients said, my fair lady, gentleman good qiu. The ancients said, female to yue oneself person look. Visible, in cheap ferragamo belt traditional concept, make yourself beautiful, is hoping to get someone else's heart. In fact, the westerners also agree with this view, but they have another - appearance is respect for others. All in all, beautify themselves often for a particular purpose, in most of the time, fake ferragamo belt the starting point is good. Dr Chan said officials cosmetic purpose is to shape the image of a more populist, the starting point is good, just I'm too good things always have doubts. The past the cheap ferragamo belt women's external image is more demanding, even demanding to huangdi zhuxue of morbid degree; Now the cheap ferragamo belt people to the star shape and face more demanding, that's because the stars are the public lover, or m. pei: I'm sorry did not themselves into the hundreds of millions of viewers. But I've never heard of cheap ferragamo belt officials on what is the appearance of a high requirement, the song dynasty had a bao zheng, surface such as black carbon, absolutely do not conform to the skin white and beautiful traditional aesthetic standards; A yong qing dynasty, is a bright insight.the person who son, put aside today also is the second-class disabled; Many years ago a movie seven not, within the county too ye more of a clown. This a few, but are good people in the eyes of legend. So, officials have cosmetic surgery is to please the people, the reason some untenable. With the heart of the SIMS boast of speculation that some officials want to let oneself become beautiful, one is to want to please the superior - under the slogan of younger cadres, replica salvatore ferragamo belt doddering immortal don't recruit appealing, ferragamo belt replica administers to career for a long time, have to look young and energetic; 2 it is to want to please the lover - now the grade of mistresses also in asc ferragamo belt cheap ension, in addition to love money, but also man. If officials facial plastic surgery is out of the above two purposes, it does not fit with populist touch. Wider, although officials cosmetic can not get the invoice back to submit an expense account, but most are not pay for it, but someone to pay, the youth weekend reported that officials in facial plastic surgery has become after money bribery, sexual bribery, and a more covert means of public relations. Say, flower or taxpayers' money. Foreign affairs activities of the government increasingly frequent, officials of the external image can't say is not important, but as a just basic developing countries to solve the problem of people's food and clothing, let's have some more important than the external image of things to do, spend taxpayer money in these areas. Officials find himself poor image needs to be repaired, please on my own! , according to a study in 2006, a total of 24952 couples divorce registration in Beijing, including 1/5 marriage lasts less than 3 years; A third within five years of marriage divorce; Married less than 1 year to divorce in 970, 52 divorced couple married less than a month. In the divorce of husband and wife, after 80 account for a large proportion of the. And after the investigation involves 80 divorce cases, 90% of both husband and wife are only children (on April 8, the replica ferragamo belt youth daily).