One is the rule nothing new

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The day before yesterday, the national civil service bureau of repeating, regulations on the civil service training, regulations on the civil servants reward assessment regulations on civil servants three trial regulation, and take effect from now on.

Three rules, replica salvatore ferragamo belt the most public attention of the civil service examination regulations, with this regulation, be repeated normal withdrawal mechanism of civil servants in recent years has finally had the first state-level text.

Civil servants laid-off rules-based is a good thing, but look from Internet message, you did not show a cheer, on the contrary, many people are worried.

The author summarizes the, can be roughly summed up in two aspects.

One is the rule nothing new.

Are major portal carry out do title assessment of civil servants for two consecutive years of incompetent will be fired this article, in fact, in Shanghai, chongqing and so on many places alre cheap ferragamo belts ady started; As for the results of the annual appraisal can be divided into basic competence and excellent, competent and incompetent 4 order, is very popular in many industries and units investigate employee.

Appraisal to the author's experience, the way most just going through the motions, the personnel department hair let everybody to fill the form, in the end who is competent, who is incompetent, few people care about.

In fact is not don't care, but care about - you only have to fake ferragamo belt fill out, no supervision, and the rights of the people.

Second, the rule is not enough refining, interoperability is not strong.

The appraisal of civil servants are divided into morality, ability, work, performance, inexpensive five aspects, seemingly, but in addition to performance is relatively easy to quantify, other tough are difficult to measure in four aspects, in the end, I'm afraid or the leadership, in the words of folk is you is you are not too, say you is not you is not is not.

It is said that the Si ferragamo belt replica ngapore ferragamo belt regulation of civil servants to use public funds to drink wine of more than 100 yuan shall be regarded as Hollywood, but in our such a public funds to eat and drink in the country, officials down a meal drink nothing new all seven or eight bottle of maotai.

Recently sichuan jiange county personnel bureau chief meal too maotai expensive drinks beat the old man, such as public money saving immortal, administers the said he lian or Hollywood? Doubts about the civil service examination can achieve the fair and just, in the end because of a bystander anxiety.

Civil servants are public servants, citizens is the owner, provide public services whether do in the civil servants, citizens should have the most say, now the servant says incompetence, owner has the right to evaluation, natural worry in my heart.

I carefully read the provisions on the civil service examination text, from 1 to 31, basically did not master what thing, also master the public face of the National People's Congress on behalf of little things.