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Assessment of the main body of civil servants is a manager, cheap ferragamo belts the competent authority or its authorized inspection commission, which is also mentioned heeding public opinion, but the people here obviously refers to the authority of public servants with ordinary staff, replica salvatore ferragamo belt rather than the civil service of the taxpayer.

As for the appraisal of fellow servant leadership, the rule is, when necessary, can undertake assessment within a certain range, the vague in my opinion, of course, not including the taxpayers, certain limits may not even enough to the masses.

If the civil service examination becomes assessment itself, the nature can't count on the effectiveness of its civil replica ferragamo belt servants acting normally exit.

Let all citizens are, of course, when the examiner is not realistic, the number of civil servants in our country in 2003 to nearly 6.

4 million, 1.

3 billion people to millions of civil servants, who apparently do not have operability.

But this does not mean that the ordinary citizens unable to participate in the civil service examination, such as the introduction of western countries and replica ferragamo belt's Hong Kong and Taiwan of civil service complaints mechanism, encouraging citizens to complaints of civil servants, as one of the important indices for appraisal of civil servants.

There are various ways and methods of public participation, the key is we need to strengthen a concept: civil servant more responsible for the service object, rather than merely on their agencies and leader is responsible for the.

So, the civil service examination regulations on whether there is a new idea, whether to have operability is minor, it is important to citizen participation cannot lack.

But now it is just a trial, hope to see it, the next can feel some of the ferragamo belt replica content of public opinion.

Put into use only a little more than a month, kunming small Simon the bus stop on the interchange of curvature of the excavation again.

According to quality, since the turtle interchange after put into use, a lot of passengers directly over police overpass, up and down the road or crossing intersection to ride across the platform, to avoid accidents, authorities decided to metro bus stop mode.

From now, the planning and design of interchange of curvature of the major defects, at least the public bus is not convenient, and traffic safety hidden trouble.