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Since the late qing dynasty, Replica Ferragamo Belt's modern education system was established in the long evolution, and the corresponding school system collapse is introduces, a prominent Confucian movement, knowledge and to reassure an abrupt end, instead of the natural sciences and humanities and sciences of the modern education system, it is the inevitable requirement of modern country, is of profound significance of innovation and progress, but the content of innovation and progress more significance lies in education rather than a form of education. As a kind of school-running pattern, versace belt cheap has existed for thousands of years in Replica Ferragamo Belt certainly has its inherent rationality, then artificially put it refreshes one do not necessarily reasonable. Is different from the state and government of the current education system, and exist in the form of private teacher and pupil gives xu cheap louis vuitton belts e has its distinguishing feature, and proved by the history in cultivating talents. fake versace belt The founder of new Replica Ferragamo Belt, MAO zedong, zhou enlai, deng xiaoping and others youth spent in school, the future is as a generation of great men; During the warring states period by Confucianism, Taoism and law, founder of the ink, name, soldiers and so on various academic schools and his disciples many run by private school cultivate elites, thus forming the culture of the schools of thought contend big boom, become the humanities in the history of Cheap Ferragamo Belt academic thought unprecedented active period. Because of this, I think the school should not be kept with compulsory education completely, can conditionally absorb some good educational condition has become a compulsory education the new members of the family, if school education can be on the teaching content and a general sense of the elementary school, middle school to achieve effective connection. The full-time school in chengdu already has hired the math teacher's plan, and it is also not teach students back by blindly, will take some time to let children learn to middle and primary school, although the study effect remains to be time to prove, but at least it: complete compulsory education does not necessarily must be specified in the official school. Xue can be regarded as one of the private education, compulsory education phase of the school gate now has opened to private schools, so also don't have to regard school as heresy and its forced isolation, at least this is an area where can explore. To make our country more than a personnel training mode, let our parents and children more than a choice, there's nothing wrong. These two days various media reported the guangzhou ferragamo belt meeting eat lunch box, become a talking point there are modest. The meeting is unusual, in addition to the dining room to eat lunch box members focused on the Cheap Ferragamo Belt people's political consultative conference (ferragamo belt) authority, lunch also don't like once upon a time in the hotel cheap versace belt check in, but managed to nap in the conference room. Lu xun said, there is no way, go person many, also then had the way; Paraphrasing Mr, ferragamo belt member have not eat lunch box to news, people eat less, also became news. News is a news, lies in its scarcity. In February this year guangzhou during the two sessions, the ferragamo belt Gao Deliang due to a five-star hotel meeting arrangement, think the extravagance and waste, and refuse to bring the room card. The guangzhou municipal people's political consultative conference meeting arrangement members eat lunch box, saving is involved in the matter is unknown, but Internet users have a more bitter: this is guangzhou people's political consultative conference in order to change the image and deliberately to show, it is difficult to expect to become the norm. I don't see it that way. The so-called change image, you can kindly understand for the shame-awareness then yong.