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This long vacation we go to Dali, not only because there are features of snow and erhai lake, there are three tea aftertaste endless. Of the cloud is expected to be a beautiful legend, also because of the ancient city of Dali don't accept maintenance fee, replica ferragamo belt Dali to each to her home as their loved ones. As early as in August last year, jiangsu huaian is claimed to build a Cheap Ferragamo Belt north-south geographical boundaries mark garden, it is said that the garden is a built on the bridge of the ball. News reported by the media after the social widespread attention and controversy, from the selected location whether science, the dispute to the local interests to the north-south confrontation, fights for quite a while. Public opinion is generally believed that the sign is a new image of local government project. Because the negative evaluation is more, I thought that this logo garden project has been put, who knows the news recently, the project has been approved by the state bureau of surveying and mapping. The People's Daily reported yesterday, the state bureau of surveying and mapping surveying and mapping results, director-general of the department of management and application of Li Yongxiong after public garden a lot of questions to the symbol, made relevant explanation. Li, cheap ferragamo belt director of the meaning of roughly three layers of meaning. First floor the sign means that the ferragamo belt replica construction of the garden were part of the bridge reconstruction project, improve the occasion, not costly. I understand that a similar explanation shall be made on the government to explain, I do not know why the state bureau of surveying and mapping intrusion. Sign on a bridge built garden can spend a few money, but after huaian organization of experts and scholars, and then apply to the state bureau of surveying and mapping, public relations costs must not a small number. Li, director of the second meaning is that the sign is beneficial to popularization of surveying and mapping to the public garden, geography, weather, scientific knowledge, and promote economic and social development. This is mark the implements of the garden. I have a suggestion, since CCTV broadcasts weather can avoid generalities north by northwest, instead of a ball as an industry, in a city of southern rain, cloudy northern such precise rhetoric, just don't know if CCTV and the national meteorological center. Li, director of the third layer of meaning is crucial, he must be from the perspective of professional garden built in huaian location science - not to say that Replica Ferragamo Belt's north-south geographical boundaries mark can only be the only in huaian, just because of huaian in the geography, based on science, director li also said that, as long as in the north-south geographical boundaries with city, have the right shape urban geographical culture has its own characteristics... In fact, only a handful of cities in our country at present thought of shaping their own urban geographical culture. Shaping urban geographical culture that is actually amaze. Huaian is very smart, has been one step ahead on the north and south Replica Ferragamo Belt geographic boundaries, it seems the line other cities there is no reason not to catch up, after is flushed and huaian north-south border of xinyang, henan, anhui bengbu also don't have to have a loss, to build a garden together built. We know geography in the sense of boundaries and there are many, such as the contour line, isothermal, such as rainfall, etc., along the train of thought, li, director of the mold can be used to do urban geographical culture. In precipitation, such as line, for example, a junior h cheap hermes belts igh school geography textbooks tell us that Replica Ferragamo Belt has a very important line of 400 mm rainfall, southeast of the line belongs to the wet area, the northwest arid areas, go from the greater hinggan mountains, along through tgo, Zhang Bei, yulin, lanzhou, yushu, Lhasa city, the city can build Replica Ferragamo Belt 400 mm rainfall line mark.