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1950 s in view of the ku Klux Klan speech: we will be your ability to endure hardship, to fight you manufacture ability of suffering. We will use the power of our soul, physical violence against you. We will not resort to hate to you, but we will not give in to your unjust laws. You can continue to do you want to do to us, but we still love you. You placed bombs experience in our home, threatening our children, let you wear KKK peaked cap MOBS into our community, you hit us in some of the side of the road, we beat to death and dying. However, we still love you. Not long after, cheap versace belts our ability to endure hardship will run out of your hatred. When we get free, we will awaken your conscience, you won. -- I have a dream -- close look at the third food safety law enforcement inspection group of the NPC standing committee recently completed to check, it is understood that in 2200 kinds of food additives in our country at present, have a inspection standard only accounted for nearly forty percent of the total. This also means that sixty percent of food additives cannot be detected. Health ministry officials said, the country detect any components should have the basis, the use of any detection methods need to be by demonstrating experiment many times, finally, replica versace belt the test method listed in the national standard, but determine the testing method of the research process is more complex. (on June 16, the Replica Versace Belt times) recent media exposure of some food safety incidents, such as beef paste, fake versace belt dyeing steamed bread, plasticizer, etc., mostly related to food illegal or abuse of food additives, made people talk more. As one of food safety supervision department, the ministry of health of the natural feeling stressed, this cannot be detected and more complex, was probably trying to express such a meaning: on the regulation of food additives, the best we can do under the, where there are some loopholes, the reason is that some can't keep up with current technology means. The so-called not not for also, cannot be also. It is science, a very sincere attitude, words to this sake, the public should understand that wde Replica Versace Belt authorities. Sixty percent food additive can't test, after all, is a let people hard to accept the fact that the original all kinds of food additives, we usually eat more than even the ministry of health is unable to determine whether harmful to human body. In fact, as long as the query of the ministry of health in 2002 enacted the measures for the administration of the food additives, health will know, cannot be detected from the ministry of health of mouth say it is a very funny and very sad thing. Is the way to clear the ministry of health department for examination and approval of food additives, including article 6 stipulates that apply for the production or use of new varieties of food additives, inspection method of this kind of new food additives shall be submitted to the ministry of health. That is to say, if some kind of food additives, cannot be detected for examination and approval of the ministry of health to be gained in theory, is also unable to enter the market. Therefore, cannot be detected to prevaricate regulatory loopholes, logically appear contradictory.