cheap versace belts kunming police reported

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Why see my blog yan zhao door event subsequent plot suspect in kunming. The original address: kunming officials yanzhao events review author: li yinhe after 10 days of tumult, the evening of August 9, cheap versace belts kunming police reported the matter the results of a survey: this in kunming municipal development and reform commission officials into one to be use yanzhao extortion. Four suspects through Internet dating sites, looking for looking for to into one, seduce them into homes licentious, secretly use camera to shoot fornication scenes secrets to be video, again with video capture to coerce, into a implementation of extortion. (Replica Versace Belt news, fake versace belt August 10, 2011) comments are as follows: firstly, the case was an extortion case. In the cases of extortion case, one is the victim. It's a bit like folk commonly known as fairy jump case: good trap by the criminals in advance, to lure the victim the bait, and then USES the fear of exposure to extort money. Second, the second, the case is a licentious. In licentious case, into one and four others were participants. Although compared with nanjing ma case if the circumstances are different, the case is all take part in voluntary, as a case to be set a trap to seduce, replica versace belt but does not change the nature of the licentious. Third, group licentiousness has conflict with the constitution protection of citizens' personal freedom. Sex, in principle, the participants as long as it doesn't violate voluntarily, in private places, participants are the three basic principles for adults, the criminal law should not, because this behavior should belong to the category of citizens freedom of the person of the protected rights. Some violation of customs shall be taken by ethics to regulate, rather than by the criminal law to regulate. Four, not in violation of the principle of voluntary, privacy, adult three but in violation of the social customs and ethics of sexual behavior has a lot of kinds, if use the criminal law to punish is impossible, is also wrong. For example: example 1: sex outside marriage, lover, mistresses. It is against social conventions and against marriage commitment to behavior loyalty. But apart from a few Arab countries have adultery woman was stoned to death by stoning, most countries are not criminal punishment sex outside marriage. Modify the marriage law, a proposal will pack two milks delimit bigamy, by the criminal law on the punishment, but the proposal was rejected, practice of maintaining the moral punishment only such behavior. Example 2: incest. This is violation of social ethics. But in addition to involve children under the age of 14 can applicable statutory rape crime, there is no specific punishment of criminal law and regulations. Generally by the moral and ethical norm constraint. Example 3: three or more sexual activity. In violation of the general social ethics, but in reality a lot. Before cancel hooliganism in 1997, the criminal law punishment actually all sex outside of marriage (example: a woman with multiple men sex, namely arrested on hooliganism jail time); After the cancellation of hooliganism, no longer punish all the sex outside of marriage, to punish only three or more sexual behavior (group licentiousness. However, seldom use punishment 3 p behavior of the criminal law countries around the world. In criminal law punishment 3 p violate the personal freedom rights of the parties, for the Verace Belt law to shame.