After several rounds of

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Of course there is a big problem is that the collusion problem, essentially is the problem of corruption. Some mine is difficult to get on and investigate, mostly related to corruption, especially in some local officials directly or indirectly involved in coal mine management, increasing the management of coal mine safety.

This like corruption in the field of engineering, is also constantly, a very important reason is that profits have the power, the lack of restricting the lack of supervision of power expansion, under power must have a deal. So on the mechanism of anti corruption in this aspect, must to do xi general secretary of other; From corruption, not corruption, not perishable throughout; Anti-corruption mechanism, here are two aspects should be: on the one hand is to make the mineral resources configuration has a fair competitive platform and mechanism, and cannot be determined by power, so need to QuanLiGuan into cages; On the other hand, to establish open and transparent mechanism, to the configuration of the mineral resources, mining, mining benefit and owner interests, the business process production status and income level, especially the information about the coal mine, such as the identity of the owner and the social relations and so on series of information, can have an open platform for query, accept social supervision.

Yesterday, a health bureau leadership and I talked about the process of medical accident, declared in his both helpless, more is vacant. This is a medical accident happened in a county hospital, patients after coming down from the table, suddenly caused the complications, eventually leading to rescue invalid death. According to health bureau leadership, according to the legal procedures, should be the first to identify the medical accident, determine the responsibility, Buy Designer Belts to compensate. If you have any dissatisfaction, Buy Designer Belts also may solve the court of appeal. The development of things is not the case, however, in a short time, the relatives of the dead gathered more than one hundred relatives and friends, etc., at the gate of the bodies of the dead in the hospital, be set up, put the sorrows, all the way of the hospital to nearly the half, also entertained passersby stop to watch and think it's incredible.

After several rounds of negotiations, the two sides mainly deal with the disparity in the program, as a hospital, insist to go legal procedures, in accordance with the legal requirements, what to negative what responsibility is negative, the compensate how many money to compensate how many money, not lose one point not compensate. In the party, resolute don't walk the legal process, said that if you don't lose money, wall hospital, also carried resin plugging. Both sides deadlocked, relevant departments and leadership on both sides have to hard work, the pressure on both sides, the final health departments took out two sets of plan: a plan is the legal process, dealt with in strict accordance with the law; A plan is not to walk again the legal process, then according to the hospital full responsibility legal compensation shall be cut in half.