The relatives of the

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The relatives of the dead finally chose the second set of plan, accidents have been processed. Then talked about it and the comrades working in the field of stable, they have normal, most of the excess deaths, are almost straight and come to an end, the compensate amount of how much is a kind of man-made, negotiations, stalemate, pressure, etc., all kinds of means to run out. From the perspective of the handling of the incident, let me sigh other; The rule of law throughout; The difficult, why the relatives of the dead is resolut e don't go through the legal process?

Ning to lead clappers, don't court judgment. It reveals some problems: one is the legal authority and credibility is greatly weakened. People don't believe in justice, only for power. Challenged, which on the one hand, the judicial fair laws are people worried about power, by fiddling with the leader; Dare not flatter judicial efficiency, on the other hand, time is long, there are several people dragged up; There is another dimension is the judicial sentence even if, I'm afraid to perform in place is also a problem.

The second is the medical accident treatment measures also questionable. The leadership of the health department also admitted that at that time now, there are also disadvantages of accident identification on the one hand is how to solve the problem of trust, that is to say, how do you let the dead or the patient's family believe that you are fair, I'm afraid o

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