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(Replica Designer Belts morning post on June 24, fake gucci belts 2014) by microblog real-name report 1 and a half years later, Mr. Liu's case has been transferred to judicial waiting for the final results. In the party under wave after wave of dozen tiger orgasm, Mr. Liu has clearly not what big tiger, whether its level, or its recognized charges and amount in the future. Buy Designer Belts the public attention is not common. And central main leaders had talked about Mr. Liu case, according to earlier reports, the major leaders in hebei province had the case for example, cheap gucci belts when it comes to establish a new system is very important, to plunge into solid, the cage NiuLanGuan cat to be caged. It is conceivable that Mr. Liu's warning significance is obvious.

And from the point of its cause attention 1 and a half years, also leaves a lot of thinking, it is concluded from t gucci belt cheap he reform thinking, is precisely what we need strength of local rulers in the future. First of all, it is new rights, reform the burden of the QuanLiGuan into the system the important measure of the cage. From the point of fall of a large number of officials, especially a lot of new rights in hand, the energy sector officials, is a lesson, power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Since the eighteenth big central in the vigorously and decentralization, cancellation, and sent a large number of approval, to the society and public power list, gradually formed the restriction of power and restriction mechanism.

Only in terms of development and reform commission (NDRC), and by the end of December 2013, has been canceled and devolved for examination and approval of investment projects, the production and business operation license and qualification accreditation for a total of 44 items of administrative examination and approval matters, conducted for pr replica gucci belts ivate investment in 36 and 42 items detailed rules for the implementation of the implementation of assessment, etc. , however, it must be admitted that, the reform of the approval authority is still on the road, there are a lot of hard, hard work to do, even has been cancelled and devolved project, remains to be the ground test, a long way to go. The second is to promote the reform of the supervision system, give full play to their role as the real-name reporting and supervision by public opinion remains to be stronger.

Attention to Mr. Liu, crucially, Mr. Liu is the first microb fake gucci belt log real-name reporting and ultimately fall, a senior official, highlights the folk anti-corruption and the power of disciplinary inspection and supervision departments linkage. The process is not flat Buy Designer Belts the real-name reporting, during which there were many twists and turns, also even a battle. On December 6, 2012, deputy editor of caijing magazine luo repeating three weibo, real name to report to Mr. Liu. Is reported on the same day, in response to the news office of the national energy administration said: luo is insulting rhetoric.