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This year's CCTV gala by famous director feng xiaogang (weibo) as a director, gucci belt cheap once full of expectation, the spectators, but in the face of a paper published yesterday Menu The audience couldn't help on this and other Family reunion dinner The level of play a question mark. (Cheap Gucci Belts daily 2014-01-29) yesterday, the CCTV Spring Festival gala executive director Lv Yitao also said that Spring Festival gala is classified as national projects, for the first time with the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games at the same level. If such a shocking news, or some expected.

Spring Festival gala programs can be released yesterday, so sad disappointed. One is the Spring Festival gala into Old song concert . 42 the evening program is 23 songs, more than half. Among them, "miss you 365 days", "affection have to have" "wan quan river water" the hero hymns "standing on the goldkorn" "in that distant place" "kangding love song" "dance youth", etc., are all the audience familiar oldies. Last year the CCTV Spring Festival gala was scored the unforgettable tonight, the back in the end of the Spring Festival gala. Second, language programs shrunk dramatica lly, where I'm afraid not high quality, because there are many stars in familiar faces.

The Spring Festival gala is only four, crosstalk only one. This time is the fresh face, will be in sketch "disturbs you and girls Verbal Replica Gucci Belt, dapeng, YueYunPeng less people, gucci belt the show at the appointed time may form a viewing climax. Curiously, as a famous director, why was the Spring Festival gala lead Old song concert ?

 Call it the Spring Festival gala, it is better to directly named Throughout the Spring Festival concert . First of all, a year, we have to appreciate enough to sing on TV programs, such as "Gucci Belt Replica good voice", most of the People's Republic of Replica Gucci Belt, "the dream of star partner", "I'm a singer" and so on, why the year end, also don't pass, we have to be right for us. Second, so many songs, old songs, in particular, how to express Crowing , or to express Nostalgia ?

 Apparently, so much song and dance show, it is irresponsible for the Spring Festival gala, is a kind of summary. Old songs, especially as this is easy to show better sent, don't need too much, also do not need too many ideas, just send a invitation, a number of stars on it, please. Of course not difficult to compare and language program. From this perspective, we show that the literary and artistic creation has arrived No . Both language programs, and songs, the lack of new creation, can only explain literary works in landslide, lack of innovation spirit, all the year round, cheap gucci belts incredibly still can't make a few new show, it was the matt gucci belt replica er. Especially as National project Spring Festival gala, unexpectedly also lack of innovation.

At last night after the program, a web site conducted a survey, as of last night, 22, a total of 8357 people to participate in the survey. Among them, 55.7% of netizens said the program Disappointed, language programs is only five, old songs are many, didn't see the . May be as people the life more and more rich today, Spring Festival gala is faced with more challenges and difficulties, want to break through it's not easy, lack of the spirit of innovation, not the feelings of the bear, Spring Festival gala is true to a dead end.