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Talked about over the years the reform of the course, Buy Gucci Belt also feel sad. A government department staff said, when we graduate, no civil service exam, have a job in a basic level institution, after years of struggle, finally got a civil servant. Later began implementation of party and government leading cadres competitive exams, it is an opportunity, Buy Gucci Belt I find Age , Education There was now no advantage, has come up after 80. For education, many have some rough after 70, at that time, the college entrance examination graduation rates less than 10%, and it also includes Technical secondary school School admission, Buy Gucci Belt now the undergraduate admission rate at about 70%, graduation rates has been basically popularized the university entrance exam, in comparison with the degree of simple, doesn't it seems a little unfair. 70 cadres: after a new round of reform, Stick to Or Escape ?

The most regrets is after 70, just is only stable some.

A new round of reform is coming again, especially for government agencies after 70 cadres, which means a challenge. There after a period of about 70 cadres induction: after 70 witnessed shifted focus from class struggle to economic construction, from planned economy to market economy, through the clothing, food stamps from extensive use to quit the historical stage, through the computer, gucci belt mobile phone from a rare thing in the world become a necessary tool, also witnessed the monthly wages from a few yuan to thousands of yuan hellip; hellip; Such Experience Means that, after 70 cadres to see and hear not only, Buy Gucci Belt also personally involved in more than 30 years of reform and opening-up. So, NiJunNa and Ming to mention a single word: loyalty. National school of administration, a professor at Replica Gucci Belt's administrative system reform research board vice-chairman Wang Yukai believe that after 70 cadres is a staunch supporter of the reform and opening up, it's time to play on them.

The central party school of the central state organs, has released a set of research report.

After, Shop Gucci Belt For a report of 70 cadres is a typical The soldiers head to tail , the proportion of larger is a place class staff, in their work is both commanders and fighters, is not only the drafters policy, is the executor of the policies. Shop Gucci Belt For public information, After the 70 Has started to appear, the main hall class cadres, secretary of the communist youth league in 31 provinces, the newly elected are After the 70 , the national After the 70 Main hall class cadre in about one hundred people, Buy Gucci Belt the provincial deputy level are rare. Face the future, there are civil servants classmate said, our generation's thought is a special generation, complex, both the traditional culture and modern spirit of freedom and democracy.

For a new round of reform, especially in the reform of the construction of anti-corruption, the rule of law, show a lot of identity, there is also a very personal feeling, don't feel tired. Buy Gucci Belt there are also expressed concerns, especially the rapid propulsion of nowadays attitude construction, some recessive welfare, income, have been banned, three fairs and expenditure is greatly compressed, and no growth of gra ss-roots civil servants salary, life faces new di fake gucci belt fficulties, some people have begun to backpedal, should consider some things to myself, like to do business, gucci belt cheap or business.