Not yet a clear

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And small property right of rural homestead and problem, how to deal with. Not yet a clear signal. On the one hand, singing the rise in the housing market, on the one hand, threw cold water on the housing market, where to go, should have a clear attitude, should give people a predictable future, otherwise will only real damage in the future is the general public. For after 70, nowadays it is in the period of a young, whether business, or family, age 43, the younger is 34 years old. Recently, some of our classmates, friends often meet after 70, gucci belt cheap for all these years of work, life and struggle, especially the new round reform facing the opportunities and challenges, everyone is talking, words life regrets and future prospects, motivated, have concerns. Have students think, we after 70 s generation, is for the generation of reform.

This cause all the resonance of the students, sigh with emotion. From plan to market: is the reform Victim Or Lucky ? From 70 after birth to sensible that moment, the cultural revolution has been basically ended, and the cultural revolution in generation is almost no impression, Buy Gucci Belt really, with countries entered the era of a reform. In the 70 s after the growth of the s, is the new variant of the transition period of reform and opening up in Replica Gucci Belt, this period is the most important changes in the country from planned economy to market economy. In almost all about ideological class, fake gucci belt the teacher teach them are criticizing the planned economy and market economy. Buy Gucci Belt from personal experience, and other After the 70 Generation and no feeling of disadvantages in the planned economy times, is the impact of the wave after wave of market economy, they are caught.

Since high school, almost every year in the storyteller tells The college entrance examination reform throughout Different schemes: through two adjustment of college entrance examination subjects, three years of high school replaced three of the largest class, only to adapt to the adjustment of the college entrance examination subjects. And the adjustment of the subject, let us in learning is weighed more.

Then constantly market reforms after 70 have to catch up with the time and again: caught at his own expense, college graduate to find a job to catch up with the abolition of uniform distriBuy Gucci Beltion, again after work to catch up with the cancellation of welfare housing distriBuy Gucci Beltion. Education, healthcare and housing industrialization, decline, as are almost everything depends on Self-reliance .

The situation, for many people, it is experienced great pain, may be for some people, has become a lucky dog. The only clear himself. A bigger wave of reform is the reform of state-owned enterprises and government institutional reform, the situation facing the economic difficulties of the 1990 s. Some 70 have resigned after the sea, to the coastal part-tim gucci belt replica e job to earn a living and development, it became a market economy. Civil service reform of the sad experience for students after 70, there are a lot of work in party and government organs, some have become important positions of leadership.