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Late last year the CBRC introduced credit asset securitization business records and released in April 3, the people bank of no. 7 is securitization of credit assets shall issue the registration for the announcement. Look from the growth this year, though, is not ideal. According to the central Treasury securities registration and clearing co., LTD., 1 to April, 2015, asset-backed securities issuance of 57 times, scale of 51.829 billion yuan, the basic flat with the same period last year. The meeting requirements of the state council, we will continue to improve the system, simplifying the program, to encourage a register, independent installment issuance; Standardize information disclosure, support securitised products listed on the stock exchange trading. This will shorten the issue of asset securitization product process and improve asset securitization product distriBuy Gucci Belt AAAion efficiency and frequency, the issue of initiated and reduce agency cost. More it is worth noting that support securitised products listed on the stock exchange transactions, asset securitization products from the past can only in the inter-bank bond market a few large financial institutions, such as bank transactions between dealers, in exchange for more institutional investors, even small and medium-sized investors to participate in investment. This is a leap in the development of asset securitization. Imagine a financial product activity and market space as well as the relationships among the business traders amount is very big. After entering exchange, qualitative leap is greatly expand the market space and investors. Complete the secondary market is one of the important forces remain vigorous. That will overcome the Banks and other financial institutions for securitization not enthusiastic, positive thinking. Active secondary market could lead to asset securitization product competition fully, make quality products show the price of high quality. At present, the commercial Banks have no enthusiasm is another factor is that the original assets credit assets on the balance sheet, income is higher, Buy Gucci Belt AAA moved to off-balance-sheet becomes asset securitization products need to be done in the market game, and liquidity is not high. Allow the exchange traded just overcome these defects. At present, the market showed lack of liquidity, an inertial thinking is for central Banks to fall on the water cut money. Not, 13, central bank data, in late April, broad money (M2) rose 10.1% year-on-year, growth, respectively, compared with the end of last month low of 1.5 and 3.1%, and the same period last year hit a record low since 1995. Some institutions and experts voice called for the central bank continued to drop rapidly release liquidity. This kind of just incremental, regardless of the stock; Number you want to do, regardless of the quality of the flood irrigation thinking it time for a complete revision. In my view, rather than on the water drop quasi currency increment, than in the credit currency deposit quantity fluctuation kongfu. Two raw data: one is the current national loan balance in more than 80 80 yuan, if the turnover rate can increase 0.1%, you can add more than 80000 one hundred million yuan liquidity in the market.