Demonstration effect is very large. Wal-mart began to use pay treasure, so, the next major global enterprises, especially commercial retail enterprises may have introduced alipay payment system, alipay, users will be meeting a new step. More importantly, ma in the international market, the next step two focuses on the rural, including alipay, financial means of payment. At the same time, Fake Gucci Belt payment instrument penetration and expansion into the international market is not only the needs of the development of international trade, and it is including the internationalisation of the renminbi, the Gucci Belt Replica international payment tool of important strategic issues. With the division of wal-mart to enter the international market, participate in international payment, ma monologues. Wal-mart stores in Fake Gucci Belt after the comprehensive use pay treasure to pay, Replica Gucci Belts then its various brand stores in the United States, 5200 use pay treasure payment systems are also not so far, global wal-mart use alipay system will also be just around the corner. To pay treasure to pay treasure to wal-mart meaning is too big. Can't help Buy Gucci Belt AAA admire Mr Ma enterprise development direction and chance of superior ability. Internationalization direction determine later, Pay treasure into the wal-mart is a big step, and in the face of Apple Pay Pay the invasion of the mainland, Ma Yunhua an enemy, a rival as a partner, make its absolute advantage always maintain world-beater. Recently, when the cook visit to Fake Gucci Belt, again mention ApplePay pay and pay treasure to cooperation intention. If Apple Pay Pay don't cooperate with alipay, Fake Gucci Belt will become the most powerful competitors Pay treasure, Pay treasure to absolute market share position will be a serious challenge. Mr. Ma wisdom and understanding can always make it outmanoeuvre sinochem when, walk first one step, far see a meter. Securitization of credit assets 500 billion affect the geometry of the state council executive meeting decided that 500 billion yuan of new credit asset securitization pilot scale (on May 14 The Gucci Belt Replica government network). Securitization of credit assets is one characteristic of financial innovation, is to improve the part of the multi-level capital market, is the urgent need to revitalize the stock of credit funds. Purpose is to increase market liquidity to support the development of the real economy. Credit asset securitization in our country got up in the early morning, catch a late innovation is set. Credit asset securitization pilot began in 2005 and 2008 had stalled, and then restart in 2012, after four years at the time were granted 50 billion yuan of the pilot lines. Pilot line to expand to 400 billion yuan in 2013. The new pilot scale innovation may mean that the originator of the securitization of credit assets 500 billion yuan will be substantial to speed up the pace. In recent years in promoting have made many useful exploration on the securitization of credit assets, especially since the last year, regulators in order to reduce the threshold, simplify procedures for the reform such as the gripper, create loose development environment for asset securitization.