AAA Gucci Belt network credit information

posted on 10 Aug 2015 10:22 by replicabelts in replica-gucci-belts
In my view, this is not surprising. Itself a AAA Gucci Belt network borrow exactly how to develop the new business modes, standardization, standardization, matured model exactly is what? Have been explored. For example: in itself is a variety of account management mode. Secured with platform itself, set up the pool, i.e., the investor funds into the platform account first, after raising platform to project the borrower account. Also has not set up the pool, i.e., people in financial investment and project the borrower in a third-party payment institution or bank to open an account, investors will be investment funds directly deposited into the borrower account and paid by the third party agencies to AAA Gucci Belt network platform fees and loan guarantee agencies handling fee and other fees from the borrower account transfer to the platform, and the rest of the money lenders can be free to use, due to repay the principal and interest according to contract agreement. Investors judge the risk of investment, the AAA Gucci Belt network platform to guarantee loan borrower, the guarantor (guarantee company), and other real transparent disclosure of information on the platform of comprehensive. AAA Gucci Belt network credit information platform is completely the nature of the mediation. Do better at hebei TouDai platform. On AAA Gucci Belt network platform investor funds managed problem, AAA Gucci Belt network platform, loan borrowers, investors, and the third party payment institutions should sign the agreement, the former three common third-party payment institutions entrusted to strict management and managed funds. , of course, the author has repeatedly stressed that the fledgling AAA Gucci Belt network credit platform, and there is no mandatory provisions for the administration, the implementation of investor funds escrow is strictly for spontaneous voluntary. Another is that some AAA Gucci Belt network platform on its web site with third-party payment institution hosting and hype, one reason is that in order to win the trust from investors, to attract investors, to reassure investors trust investment. This is the main meaning and purpose.