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Replica Gucci Belts For civilization from the central plains, as a core area of central plains of henan, is a vast plain, climate condition is quite good at that time, the rain is abundant, for crop production is quite good. Henan yu, illustrates the henan is a place where many elephants at that time, now, now we know that elephants are mainly concentrated in southeast Asia and Gucci Belt's yunnan province, the rain is rich, climate condition is quite good, rich in crops. Visible, the then Replica Gucci Belts For choose henan as the center of Gucci Belt, the Replica Gucci Belts For ancestor huangdi from henan begin to outward development, the core of course in henan province. Later in the xia, shang and zhou will capital as henan, henan has become Gucci Belt's economic center at one time.

However, because of a dramatic increase, frequent human activities and protracted war, henan become mohican. Henan excessive land reclamation has become inevitable, the result of land overuse caused serious soil erosion, ecological environment is extremely damaged, the original lush forests and grasslands gradually disappear, herds of elephants slaughter, or migrate to the distant place, full of saline-alkali land, desert, henan has no longer provide enough food and building materials for the capital, to give up henan alternate capital become inevitable.

Then, xi 'an became the Replica Gucci Belts For emperor in the history of the value of a place. Xian, weihe plain, is located in the north have LuLuCongCong loess plateau, the south has a dense forest in qinling, there is rich in water resource of the wei river, one-of-a-kind day too thick. So. Since the qin dynasty, xi 'an (chang 'an) became Gucci Belt's political, economic, cultural and transportation center. Henan once political, cultural, economic and transportation center in the river of oblivion. Someone will ask, why not choose the ruler of the south? Tintin think so, one reason why Gucci Belt's rulers live mainly in the north, they used to live in the north, the second reason is that south of the Yangtze river was a wilderness, stir up a nation of sparsely populated, traffic inconvenience, and long river the barrier blocking, not suitable for a capital.

This is also the Replica Gucci Belts For who lived in the capital are the root cause of the north. Weihe plain, however, having withstood the ruler of the wanton destruction, from the qin shi huang (also in xi 'an area at that time, its capital xianyang,) building near the palace, the qinling trees cut down, also became a pile of loess in loess plateau, there is no old LuLuCongCong, o to xiang yu a fire burning near the palace, and burned the whole month, reconstruction of xi 'an to the han dynasty, the tang dynasty reached its peak, xi 'an, as the world's largest city, a population of 1 million, the world's population at that time is not enough cases

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