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mother give you looking for a very rich man, he has a few houses in the county, is a labor contractor, his wife had just died, 48 years old, if you marry him, there will be endless prosperity, our fate will change, we also have money, can play big shop sign, you see, these fish are he's sent, you see, also gave us 50000 yuan... Mom, I was less than 18 years old, and I was still in reading, I want to get into college, say this man is 30 years older than me, than you, do you sell daughter this is not?

Woman is to marry, anyway it is better to marry a badly, you are now 18 years old, can get married. I don't agree, I go. Say that finish, I'm ready to leave. Father rushed up, grabbed me: you don't agree to, we have already promised him. Say that finish will drag me to the house. I try very hard to of struggle, but mom even I, will be dragged into the home, and then locked the door, loudly say I have to agree to in the outside, but the man would come soon. I cry and ask them to put me out, but they are indifferent, constantly advised me to agree to their demands. In the evening, the man if he did, they what to discuss with my parents in the outside, and then send him into the room, and call me from him. Then at the beginning of the letter. His teacher, that night I desperately ran out, came to the road, see a bus, on the bus, and then with the car to the provincial capital. But now I can't go back, also dare not back to school, I was afraid of parents come to school, and the man must have a lot of power, must not miss me. But the wallet only a few thousand yuan, I am afraid that I will soon, no money, I don't know how to do?

Can you tell me? His reply: Liu Xinlin: hello! See your letter, I am very angry, the world was so parents, even for the money, regardless of your wishes will is reading a book and have a great future you sell, I don't know even in today's society such things happen, if not see your letter, I can't believe it is true that it sold in the past, and children have what different?

Replica Versace Belt in here to tell you, you must be strong, believe that everything will be in the past, you will have a bright future. First of all, you have to call the police, to call the police, the provincial public security bureau police, civilian police uncle will help you. The man on suspicion of rape, including your parents are, they will be punished by law. Don't trust that man how forces, the forces of again big also big but legal. Second, you want to go to school, tell teachers and school leaders, teachers and school leaders will help you, also won't interrupt your learning, you want to have a read, in your wisdom and efforts, you will be admitted to the ideal university. Third, you need to tell your parents abandoned, unworthy of such parents do parents, they simply isn't a person, are less than than a pig or a dog. In the end,
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